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The last shang dynasty capital was Yin.

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Q: What was the last Shang Dynasty capital?
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Why do we know more about the Shang dynasty's last capital An-yang than about its first capital Ao?

its because the idians

What was not a characteristic of the Shang Dynasty?

A decentralized government was not a contributing factor to the success of early rulers of the Shang dynasty. Anyang was the capital of the dynasty.

Anyang was one of the oldest cities and capital of which dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty

What was Tangs last name from the Shang Dynasty?

The last name of Tang, who was the founder of the Shang Dynasty, was Zi.

What are the political events that the Shang Dynasty has?

When the last king of Shang killed Bi Guan which eventually causes the clooapse of the Shang Dynasty.

What is the capital of the shang dynasty?

The Shang's first capital city was called Anyang.

Who made the dynasty of chou?

On January 20, 1046BC, Zhou Wu Wang, Ji Fa, duke of the state of Zhou, led his troops into the capital of the Shang Dynasty. The king of Shang, Shang Zhou, burned himself to death Shang Dynasty was extinguished, so that Zhou Dynasty was founded.

What happened in the Shang Dynasty?

In history according to the Chinese, the Shang dynasty began when T'ang, a man of great virtue and wisdom, overthrew the decadent emperor Chieh, the last of the Hsia dynasty.

What dynasty was shang part of?

Shang was part of the ........ Shang Dynasty.:) (:

What was an achievement of Shang Dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was established by King Tang in 1675 BC after overthrowing the tyrannical rule of Jie, (the last emperor of the Xia Dynasty). The Shang Dynasty lasted over 600 years and was led by 30 different emperors.

What dynasty did Shang Yang come from?

The Shang dynasty.

The dynasty was the first group in China to use written records.?

Shang dynasty,you should be happy it is right)