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The last series was dated 1934.

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Q: What was the last year that the 10000 bill was printed?
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What was the last year the one thousand dollar bill was printed in the US?


What year did they stop making 500.00dollar bill?

The 500 dollar bill was last printed in 1945 and officially discontinued on July 14, 1969.

When was the last year two dollar bills were printed?

The $2 bill has not been discontinued. New ones are printed as needed. The most recent series is dated 2008.

When were 10000 bills last put in circulation?

The last year that they printed any high denomination currency was in 1945 (with the series of 1934). They started being actively removed from circulation starting in 1969 (although in practice most had vanished earlier) and today they are worth more than face to collectors of currency (especially the 10,000 bill!)

What Year 500 bills were last printed?

1945 - withdrawn from circulation 1969. The same applies to the $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. The highest US bill, the $100,000, was only printed in 1938 and withdrawn from circulation in 1940.

How do you tell the age of a jamaican two dollar bill?

The year should be printed on the front of the bill

What is the only year the five hundred dollar bill made?

There's no "only year". The US printed $500 bills from 1862 through 1945, although the last run was all part of the 1934 series so even the ones printed in 1945 have the 1934 date (!)

I only made 10000 last year what will you get back?

i got back 9,800.

Is there a website where you can enter a dollars serial number to find out what year it is from?

Nope. But there is a series date on the bill. That would be the earliest date it could have been printed. There are tons of books that will tell you the last year each series was issued.

What year at Chicago Federal Reserve Bank was the two dollar bill series 1976 with serial number G 57073000 A printed?

It's usually impossible to tell exactly what year a bill was printed because the same year and series letter is used until there is a change in the Treasury Secretary, Treasurer, or the bill's design.

When did the two dollar bill reappear?

1976 was the first year that the modern looking $2 bill was printed. However, $2 bills have been printed in one form or another since the 1860s

How can you tell what year a 20.00 dollar bill was made?

The year the bill was printed is on every US currency note. The year will be listed to the lower right of the bust of Andrew Jackson marked as "series" (year)