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Fort Donnellson was located on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. It was located 10 miles from Fort Henry. The fort was surrendered to Northern forces in 1862.

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Q: What was the location of Confederate Fort Donelson?
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What were the Confederate casualties at Fort Donelson?

The Confederate casualties at Fort Donelson were: 2,000 killed or wounded, 11,000 prisoners.

What was the location of the battles of fort Henry and fort donelson?

Fort Henry was on the Tennessee River, and Fort Donelson was on the Cumberland.

What were Union casualties in the capture of Fort Donelson?

In the course of the Union capture of Confederate Fort Donelson, the Union casualties came to 2,300 soldiers.

When did General Grant capture Fort Donelson?

On Feb.16,1862, Fort Donelson fell when the Confederate Army under Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner surrendered to Grant's Union Army.

Was Ft Donelson from north or south?

Fort Donelson was a Confederate (southern) fort, and was captured by the northern army in February, 1862. U. S. Grant was in command of the Yankee (northern) forces.

How do you know that Fort Henry and Donelson were Confederate forts?

Because they had been recently built as such. And Halleck's first order to Grant was to capture them. In the case of Donelson, Grant captured 15,000 Confederate prisoners.

What events at the Battle of Fort Donelson aided the Union's capture of the fort?

The loss of the Confederate Fort Donelson was due in part of the ineptness of the Rebel commanders. Their commanders divided their forces in such a manner that allowed General Grant an easier path to victory.

What were the number of casualties in the 1862 US Civil War battle at Fort Donelson?

Casualties for the Union at the Battle of Fort Donelson amounted to 2, 832. On the Confederate side, because of their surrender, the Confederates lost 16,623 soldiers.

What Confederate general did Confederate President Jefferson Davis blame for the fall of Fort Donelson?

When Union General US Grant captured Fort Donelson, it was a terrible blow to the South's military situation in the West. Confederate President Jefferson Davis blamed the battle and surrender of Fort Donelson on its commander, General John Buchanan Floyd. Floyd was able to escape from being POW, however, Davis never gave him a command for the rest of the war. Floyd had been a political appointee, and died due to illness in 1863.

Who was the Confederate General at Fort Donelson.?

The commanding general at Fort Donelson was John Buchanan Floyd CSA. After that place was effectively enveloped by Union troops, Floyd escaped after passing the command to Simon Buckner, who actually surrendered the fort to U.S Grant on 16 February 1862.

When was the battle of fort donelson?

The Battle of Fort Donelson was fought on February 14-15, 1862.

When did fort donelson fall?

Fort Donelson fell to the Union army February 16, 1862.

Was Fort Donelson considered a Union or a Confederate victory?

It was a major victory for the Union and was one of General Grant's early victories.

What strategy did grant accomplish in 1862?

The first major Union victories of the war - Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh - ending hopes of Confederate ascendancy in the West.

Was Fort Henry considered a Confederate victory?

No. Fort Henry was a Union victory - a badly-sited river-post that was half under-water, and soon abandoned by the Confederates, who decamped to Fort Donelson.

What fort was found at the banks of the Cumberland River?

Fort Donelson

Where was the Battle of Fort Donelson?


Who won the US Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson?

The Union won the victory against Fort Donelson

When and where was the battle of Fort Donelson fought?

The battle of Fort Donelson was fought on Feb. 14 and 15, 1862. The Confederate Commander, Gen. Buckner surrendered the following day. The battle took place in the State of Tennessee, on the western bank of the Tennessee river, about 5 kilometres north of the town of Dover.

During the civil war what fort is on the cumberland river?

Fort Donelson

Where wa the battle of fort donelson fought?

Tennessee's fort Henry

Where did Fort Henry and Fort Donelson happen?

fort Henry and fort donleson happen in northern TN.

Where was fort donelson?

Tennessee - on the Cumberland River.

What state was fort donelson in?

in west virgina

Which of these battles was a union victory?

Fort Donelson