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The Quaternary Period covers the span of time from over one and a half million years ago to the present day. Although this may seem like an extraordinary length of time, it is actually a very short period in the context of the age of Gaia. This period saw the current ice age, the rise of man, and the extinction of most of the mammalian megafauna

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Q: What was the location of the Quaternary Period?
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What was the climate like in the Quaternary period?

The climate was cold in the Quaternary period.

When did the Quaternary Period begin and end?

The Quaternary began 1.8 million years ago and we are still in the Quaternary period.

Is the neogene apart of quaternary?

The Neogene Period is not a part of the Quaternary Period. The Quaternary Period occurred right after the Neogene Period. The Neogene is divided into two, Miocene and the Pliocene epochs.

The first epic of the Quaternary Period?

The first epoch of the Quaternary Period is the Pleistocene epoch.

What was the environment like in the Quaternary Time Period compared to the environment in the present?

Depends on the location you're referring to.

What did the Earth's surface look like in the quaternary period?

As this is the Quaternary period - take a look around.

When did the quaternary time period start?

The Quaternary Period began 2.6 million years ago.

What were the dominant organisms living in the quaternary time period?

the humans were the dominant organisms in the quaternary time period

What happend before the quaternary period that impacted life in the quaternary period?

That's When The Human race appeared

Is the Quaternary Period considered part of the Cenozoic era?

Yes. The Quaternary Period is part of the late Cenozoic.

What are main things travelers might like to see in the quaternary period?

what will you might see in the quaternary period

What period is it now?

Currently we are in the Quaternary period.

What period is before the quaternary?

the period is teritary the period after dinosaurs

What was the climate like during the quaternary time?

It was cold in the Quaternary time period

How long ago did the Quaternary period end?

We are in the Quaternary period now (Holocene Epoch). So it hasn't ended yet.

What period are you currently living in?

Humans currently live in the Holocene stage. This is part of the Quaternary period, and the Quaternary is a part of the Cenozoic era. The Quaternary began 2.588 million years ago.

What Eon was the Quaternary Period in?


What is the present geologic period?

Quaternary .

Most Recent Period in The Cenozoic Era?

The Quaternary Period.

was the hippo in the quaternary period?

Since that period is ' to the present, ' yes.

How long is the Quaternary time period?

The Quaternary started around 1.8 million years ago and is also the current geologic time period.

Are you in the Quaternary Period?

Yes. We currently live in an "interglacial period" of the Quaternary Ice Age. Some people confuse "ice age" with a "glacial period" within an ice age.

What is the era you live in?

We live in the Quaternary period.

What period did humans appear on earth?


What geologic period do we live in now?

Geologically speaking, we are in the Quaternary Period.