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It is not possible to isolate a single 'main cause'. Please have a look at the related questions.

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Q: What was the main cause of the holocaust?
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Related questions

Was Hitler the cause of the Holocaust?

Hitler wasn't the only cause of the Holocaust but he did play an great involvement of the Holocaust.

What was the main effect of the holocaust?

The main affect of the holocaust was Jews being burned alive

Who else was to blame for the holocaust other than adolf Hitler?

All the Nazis, but Adolf Hitler was the main cause

Who was the leader of the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was the main leader of the Holocaust.

What was the main idea of the Holocaust?

The main idea of writing holocaust was to tell the present what happened in 1916. You can read about the holocaust. The author is named William hermanns.

How was the holocaust a systematic killing of people?

Yes, that was the main part of the Holocaust.

How was Spain affected by the Holocaust?

Spain was not affected by the holocaust. Germany was the sole cause of the holocaust and never controlled Spain.

What political cause led to the Holocaust?

Nothing, Hitler was a madman and that is what caused the Holocaust

Who was over the Holocaust?

This question doesn't make sense. Do you mean "what was the cause of the Holocaust?" Do you mean "who was responsible for the Holocaust?" Rephrase the question.

What is the quarry in the holocaust?

Jews in the main part.

Does the word holocaust mean sacred cause?


What did Hitler Youth do to cause the Holocaust?

He was a terrorist....

Why was the great depression a cause of the holocaust?

It wasn't

What were the social causes of the Holocaust?

A social cause of the Holocaust was that the Jews were considered the scapegoat of things that happened negatively. Another cause was from the social and economic crises.

Who were the main target of the Nazis in the Holocaust?

Jewish people

Where were the main Holocaust camps?

the main camp where people were killed was auschwitz, but there were many more.

What were the main cities that Jews were sent to in the Holocaust?

One of the main cities was the Warsaw ghetto.

What is the main effect of holocaust?

The main effect was six million less people were living.

Historians say Hitler cause the Holocaust?

Yes he did.

What cause did Hitler have on the Holocaust?

to eliminate the Jewish population.

Was the US affected by the Holocaust in any way?

yes it hasit affected us cause many of soldiers went to Europe and never came backour own people died cause of the holocaust___None of the Allies fought "cause of the holocaust" ... World War 2 was not fought to save the Jews.

Does holocaust mean sacred cause?

No, holocaust means 'destruction by fire' - as The Nazis did to many Jews during WW2

How was slavery different from the Holocaust?

Both involved appalling suffering, but the main purpose was different. The point of slavery was cheap and captive labour, while main aim of the Holocaust was to exterminate.

Was Roosevelt the cause of Paul harbor?

No more than Anne Frank was the cause of the Holocaust.

Did the Holocaust or the invasion of Poland come first?

The invasion of Poland came first. The genocide followed later. ------------------------------ The real question would be: Did the Holocaust or the invasion of the Soviet Union come first? or rather: Did the Holocaust cause the invasion of the Soviet Union or did the invasion of the Soviet Union cause the Holocaust? (because there is no clear answer)