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Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

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Q: What was the main type of government during the dark ages?
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What were the main jobs during the dark ages?

The ones most common during the time were Blacksmith, Merchants, Farmer's and Carpenders.

What was the cause of Greeces Dark Ages?

The main cause of the Dark Ages was the Mycenaeans being conquered by the Dorians.

What was the main thing that united people during the middle ages?

The main thing that united people during the middle ages was their culture, government and wars. These were the factors that made the people of a particular community to stay united through the years.

Was Protestant or Roman Catholic the main religion in the Middle Ages?

Catholicism was the predominate religion during the Middle Ages.

Where was the main place that educated and learning were carried on during the middle ages?


What were the two main interests of man during the middle ages?

survival and sexual intercourse

What were the main styles in design during World War 1?

there patterns were army splodges and just dark, dark green or dark, dark blue or black!

What was the main occupation of people during medieval times?

Mercantile was the primary occupation along with farming during the the Middle Ages.

In The Dark Ages what was the main method used to treat illness and disease?

Prayer and divine intervention were used to treat illness and disease.

What was the main problem during Harding’s administration?

Government Corruption

What was the main reason that science progressed near the dark ages?

Because the Christian worldview began to replace the Roman worldview Steve From Minecraft!

How did renaissance thinkers view Aristotle?

Renaissance thinkers held Aristotle in high regard, considering him a foundational figure in philosophy and science. They sought to reconcile his teachings with Christian theology, leading to the development of Scholasticism. Aristotle's works were translated into Latin during this period and became central to shaping intellectual thought.