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The most common profession is Politician; as that is now considered its own profession - ignoring that, the most common non-political profession is Lawyer / Attorney.

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Q: What was the most common profession held by a president other than being president?
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Is a doctor working for a hospital a profession or employment?

Being a doctor is a profession. Indeed being a hospital doctor rather than a GP is a profession. However working FOR a particular hospital is employment. EDIT: Having a job other than working for yourself is employment, what you do in that job, including working for yourself is a profession.

What is the most common profession?

In the whole world, there are more farmers than any other profession. Farming is the biggest sector in all continents except Europe and North America.

What profession did Joan of Arc have?

Before joining the French army, she had no profession other than being a simple peasant girl who help her parents around home and on their small farm.

Aside from other movie stars name a common profession for movie star spouses?

Family Feud answers:ModelDirectorSingerHollywood ManagerAthleteProducerWriter

Do you follow a profession or take up a profession or is there any other verb that goes with the word 'profession'?

If you are asking a question - Do you have a profession? is ok or Did you take up a profession?

What was john Tyler famous for?

being the first vice president to become a president form the other president dying.

How do you become the US President?

The more common way of becoming the U.S. President is winning a U.S. Presidential Election. That is done by receiving votes for president from more than half of the 538 people appointed by the states to elect the President and the Vice President. The other way of becoming U.S. President is by being the U.S. Vice President at the time that a President dies, resigns, or is removed from office.

What was John Tyler most famous for?

being the first vice president to become a president form the other president dying.

Can you have a name such as President or Prime Minister but claim that that is your profession or job title?

Claiming to be something that you're not (i.e. President or Prime Minister) is (i) a lie and (ii) fraud, if you're doing it to obtain money or some other benefit.

Did Thomas Jefferson have any jobs before Thomas Jefferson became president?

Prior to becoming President Jefferson worked primarily as a Lawyer, although he had several other academic, agricultural, and scientific pursuits the law was his primary profession.

What is George Bush's salary as president?

he makes more money with other things as he made with being us president.

What is a medieval goldsmith?

Unlike other words, the word goldsmith has only one definition. Goldsmith is defined as a person who makes things out of gold. It is similar to being a jeweler or being in the jewelry profession.