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Most of the soldiers who died were killed by artillery shells.


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The most dangerous war in the world is the Vietnam War.

the british commando and special forces still is!!!!!!!!!

It was the most dangerous weapon in WW1. If you touch mustard gas it would eat away your skin.

A hot war is most dangerous to the army combatants and civilians, but a cold war can do just as much damage to the countries involved without a weapon being fired.

There can be no doubt that the most deadliest weapon of world war 2 was the nuclear bombs that dropped on Hiroshima.

The most common one that was used as a weapon in World War 1 is called the Artillery

The most common method was with artillery.It is NOT a biological weapon, it is a chemical weapon.

Probably artillery; it was responsible for many of the deaths in World War 1.

the most hevealy used weapon in ww2 was the m1 rifle the most efiicient axis killing machines

the most dramatic weapon was the airplane

The most destructive weapon introduced during world war 2 was the Soviet T-34 tank. There were many other weapons used during this war on part of the allies as well as the Red Army.

One type of weapon that was not used in World War I was the atomic bomb. The technology was generated during World War II.

The most dramatic weapon they used was machine gun, explosives, and airplanes..

Phosgene is certainly a dangerous gas, that was specifically designed to be poisonous to people, so that it could be used as a weapon of war, but it is not the most dangerous gas. Fluorine gas is more dangerous. But fluorine is so dangerous that it would not be practical to use it as a weapon (not that phosgene is a very practical weapon either; poison gas blows on the wind, and easily turns back toward the people who are using it). Anyone trying to use fluorine gas as a weapon would almost certainly wind up being killed by it. It is almost impossible to handle safely.

Yes they are. It is a weapon of war and is designed to kill people and destroy things.

The most famous anti-submarine weapon was the depth charge. This weapon was only invented in 1916 and so between 1914 and 1916, submarines on both sides had relative freedom to move about freely. After 1916, this was not the case. The world war 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918.

poison gas or the machine gun or the tank

Big guns (i.e. artillery, not hand weapons).

The atom bomb. or the apache helicopter, its a matter of opinion.

Sonar was not introduced in World War 1.

A 303 rifle : The above is one answer. However, if one defines weapon as "that which is used to kill people", then the gas used at the concentration camps, principally Zyklon-B, was the most used weapon.

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