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Estern Front, because more of the German Casualties and Bloodiest Battles that decided the Fate of the war where there. I would have thought that the most important battle was the Battle of the Atlantic. If Germany had won this battle England would have had to surrender from lack of supplies. There would not have been an "Aircraft base" from which to launch attacks on Germany,aircraft could not fly the Atlantic and return, the German navy would have isolated the U.S.on the east and Japan on the west ,the U.S. population not wanting to enter the war anyway. This would have allowed Germany to bring all their forces against Russia,who I think would have been defeated. We sometimes forget that we came within an ace of losing the war a few times, it wasn't the push-over Hollywood would have us believe.Thanks Navy for saving us!!and giving the army and airforce a chance to operate.

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Q: What was the most important front or theatre in the war?
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What were some of the most important events in World War 1?

During World War I, many important events took place at the front and behind the front alike. Among the most important at the front must be the First Battle of the Marne (in the autumn of 1914), through which France stopped the initial German offensive and guaranteed a long-lasting war. In respect to events behind the front lines, the entrance of the United States into the war in April of 1917 was another "most important" event, as it largely guaranteed a victory for the Triple Alliance.

Where was most of the fighting in the civil war?

In the Western theatre, Tennessee. In the Eastern theatre, Virginia.

What was the most important battle of World War 2 in Africa?

The Second Battle of El Alamein was perhaps the most important battle in the African theatre because it was the first major Allied offensive against the Germans.

What front was the most important to World War 2?

Second Answer to fix original answer: The western front was the most important front because it was the front where the Allies would enter France and Germany. The Eastern front was secondarily important because only the Russians were going to fight that front and Hitler was not expecting the allies to come from that front. He did not think Russia could fight anymore after 20 million people were killed by the Nazis in Russia.

Where was the main theatre of war in France?

In WWI, the Western Front was mostly in Northern and North-Eastern France.

There were many important results of the Civil War. Which do you think was the most important, and why?

There were many important results of the Civil War. Which do you think was the most important, and why?

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Sarajevo War Theatre was created in 1992.

When was Theatre of War - Doctor Who - created?

Theatre of War - Doctor Who - was created in 1994.

Which two countries were part of the theatre of operations known as the Western Front during World War 2?

The British and the Americans

What was America's most important war?

The revolutionary war.

Was theatre around during World War 1?

theatre has been around a very long time! i expect the shows would not have been as lavish due to rationing and shortages of supplies, but they would have still been on,cinema was also important as a way of bring news over from the western front. x

When was Theatre of War - video game - created?

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