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What was the most important front or theatre in the war?

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November 10, 2004 5:33PM

Estern Front, because more of the German Casualties and Bloodiest Battles that decided the Fate of the war where there. I would have thought that the most important battle was the Battle of the Atlantic. If Germany had won this battle England would have had to surrender from lack of supplies. There would not have been an "Aircraft base" from which to launch attacks on Germany,aircraft could not fly the Atlantic and return, the German navy would have isolated the U.S.on the east and Japan on the west ,the U.S. population not wanting to enter the war anyway. This would have allowed Germany to bring all their forces against Russia,who I think would have been defeated. We sometimes forget that we came within an ace of losing the war a few times, it wasn't the push-over Hollywood would have us believe.Thanks Navy for saving us!!and giving the army and airforce a chance to operate.