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On April 1, 2000. The US Census is done ever 10 years. The next census will be done April 1, 2010

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Q: What was the most recent census taken?
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What year was the most recent census taken in Argentina?

As of 2010, The most recent census in Argentina, according to INDEC, the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos, was taken in 2001. The population of Argentina was measured as 36,260,130.

How often is the census taken in Ireland?

The census in Ireland is typically taken every five years. The most recent census was conducted in 2016, and the next one is scheduled for 2021.

How often are census in Canada taken?

Census in Canada are typically conducted every five years. The most recent one was conducted in 2021.

What is the population of Winona Mississippi?

The population was 5,482 at the 2000 census (the most recent census).

What year was the census for Germany?

The most recent census in Germany was conducted in 2011. The next census is scheduled for 2021.

How often is a census taken in Texas?

I do not believe that the State of Texas conducts statewide censuses. The US federal government has a Constitutional requirement for a decennial census of the entire nation. The first was performed in 1790, and the most recent was completed in 2010.

Does the census count illegal immigrants?

A census is taken by interviewing registered citizens. In recent years the US Census Bureau has attempted to factor in and interview undocumented immigrants, however they have had very little success.

What is the census of the united states?

The most recent population of the US is 305,740,803 people.

What is the population of the Philippines according to the census?

Based on the most recent census of population and housing conducted in 2010, the Philippines has a population of 92,337,852.

How are Census and House of Representatives related?

The number of Representatives a state gets is directly proportional to is population as indicated in the most recent Census.

What is the population vof New York?

8,244,910 is the estimation according to the most recent census.

What is the most recent population of Ireland?

The last census in Ireland was in 2006. The population then was 4,239,848.