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it is a book so i am not sure but the house must be haunted

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Q: What was the mystery in the Kohistan house in aagnee ruby?
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What does mean of the mystery of the agnee ruby?

the mystrey of aagnee ruby means a curse or a unknown thing about the aagnee ruby.

Summary of chapter 14 of mystery of aagnee ruby?


The mystery of the aagnee ruby based activities?

climbing rope

What are like and diskile of sait in mystery of aagnee ruby maha khan Phillips?

it was a hidden ruby

Who is the NASIR Ali in Aagnee ruby?

Nasir Ali was a servant in Kohistan house. His family has worked for the Maharaja's Descendants for seven generations and he is also entrusted in finding the Aagnee Ruby. He was also very attached with Amina's parents , after their death he became rude like Uncle Hamid. He played a supporting role in the novel and without him , the novel would be incomplete.

Does Aagnee Ruby have a movie?

The Mystery of Aagnee Ruby is a book by Maha Khan Phillips. The book has a Facebook page but so far no one is planning to make it a movie.

Who wrote the Mystery of the Aagnee Ruby?

Maha Khan Phillips wrote the story.

Why was amina rude in mystery of aagnee ruby?


What is the summary of the mystery of the aagnee ruby?

well it is about 2 boys who live in Lahore and one day they meat the niece of their relative aunty jum jum , amina. as the boys are interested in ghosts and find that there could be ghost in aminas house , so they go to her house... they unleash her families secrets and come to know that there is an aagnee ruby in the house and someone is getting people outta the way to make it esier for them to find... they suspect alot of people...and the person they least expect turns out to be the case

Who is the real criminal in the novel aagnee ruby?

In the novel "Aagney Ruby" by Yandamoori Veerendranath, the real criminal is revealed to be the character of Ranga Rao. He is responsible for the central crime in the story and plays a significant role in the plot development.

What are main character of the Mystery of aagnee Ruby?

The main characters in "The Mystery of the Agnee Ruby" are Detective Rana, a seasoned investigator with a keen eye for detail and quick wit, and Maya, a mysterious and enigmatic woman who becomes entangled in the case. Together, they navigate a complex web of deceit and intrigue to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the legendary Agnee Ruby.

What is the name of chapter 6 in the aagnee ruby?

the name of chapter 6 is "Uncle Hamid and his moths"