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Mike Squires was a left handed 1B who played several games at 3b for Manager Tony LaRussa with the Chicago White Sox in the 1983 and 1984.

Don Mattingly played third base in an emergency situation for the Yankees in the late 80's.

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What is David Price known for?

David Price is a major league baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is a left-handed starting pitcher and is only 27 years old. He's been in major league baseball since 2008.

Who is the only baseball player to play every position in a game?

Actually, four different players (Bert Campaneris, Cesar Tovar, Scott Sheldon, and Shane Halter) have played all nine positions in the same Major League game. Campaneris also pitched both right-handed and left-handed in the game in which he played all nine positions.

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He is a retired Major League Baseball left-handed relief pitcher. His only major league experience came with the Cleveland Indians (2002-2003).

What major league baseball player holds the major league records for games played and assists and double plays?

The Major League Baseball player who holds the career record for the most games played is Pete Rose who has played in 3,562 games, the player who has grounded into the double plays in their career is Cal Ripken, Jr. who has grounded into 350 double plays and the player who holds the career record with having the most assists is Elvis Andrus who has recorded 516 in his career.

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Larry Doby played center field.