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The infamous dog belonged to Berkowitz neighbor Sam Carr. Poor 'Harvey' the dog was brought into something he had no part in. In the summer of 1977, David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, aka the 44 Caliber Killer, kept New York City in a constant state of terror. Stalking the streets of NYC, he proceeded to kill and injure until finally caught after running from an almost crime scene.

In the months before his trial Berkowitz told prison phsychiatrists that the neighbors dog told him to commit the killings. Although he later confessed that in fact the dog did not speak to him it made for good copy for the daily newpapers.

Berkowitz is doing life without parole in a New York prison and has since found God and become a Christian, a fact that probably did not thrill his Jewish parents. And once again I am amazed at the number of inmates that find God in prison. Like I've said before, God must hang out there alot


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