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Britain has never had a president.

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Q: What was the name of the first president that rule Britain?
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How did Zambia there independence and when?

On October 24, 1964 Northern Rhodesia gained independence from Britain. The people of the area resented British rule and changed the name of the country to Zambia. Kenneth Kaunda became the first president.

Who was Britain president during World War 2?

I think Britain never had a president but it had been under the rule of queens and prime ministers but am not sure about this.

Who was the Irish president in 1846?

Ireland did not have its first president until 1938, so there was no president of Ireland in 1858.

Who was the president of Ireland in 1620?

Ireland did not have a president in 1620. At that time Ireland was under British rule and the King at that time was James I. Ireland got its first president in June 1938. His name was Douglas Hyde.

When was the president rule imposed for the first time in MP?


Who was us president during 1773?

There was no President of the United States in 1773 as the United States did not gain independence from Britain until 1776. The first President of the United States was George Washington, who took office in 1789.

Who was President of the US during the Seven Years War?

The Seven Years War was long before he first USA. president. The Seven Years War is a name for the French and Indian War. America was still under rule of Britain and King George the 3rd was still the King of America. It was actually the 13 Colonies. It was after the American Revolution that George Washington became the first president, in around 1785 or so. So really, you're wrong, there was no president during the Seven Years War.

Which was the first Indian state to come under the president rule?


Who was the president when Britain colonized the US?

There were no presidents involved in the British Colonization of what became the US. Britain had a king and a parliament. The US was created only after the colonists successfully revolted from British rule.

Who was the king of Britain when US won its freedom from british rule?

George III was the king of Britain when the US won its freedom from British rule.

When did End of Roman rule in Britain end?

End of Roman rule in Britain ended in 410.

Who runs Brazil's government?

President Dilma Roussef, the first woman to rule the country.