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Q: What was the name of the space craft that took 22 close up pictures of mars?
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What was the earliest space craft on mars?

The 1st space craft that went to Mars was the American Mariner 4 spacecraft. This was in the year 1971.

What space-craft is going to land on mars?


What was the name of the first mars space probe expeditions that did not land on mars?

The first probe to land on Mars was called, the Hubble space craft.

Can you reach Mars?

Yes. If you use space craft and you are a astrounaut

In what year did NASA first land a space craft on mars?


What would you need on a Mars trip?

You will need a space suit , water, food, space craft and yourself.

When did people start exploring Mars?

the first space craft to land on mars was the mars two lander (USSR). it failed duing desent

How many space missions have there been?

There have been no human space missions to Mars. The only missions to Mars to date have been through flybys with space craft, orbiters, and land rovers.

Who became the third nation in history to launch a space craft to Mars in 1998?


Which space voyages have passed close to mars?


What would be required for a manned mission to mars?

Training,faster space craft,heat shields

Has NASA gone to mars?

NASA has sent a number of space craft to Mars, including a surveyor and several rovers. More missions are planned.