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What was the north fighting for in the civil war?


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Primarily to keep the Union together and not let the States split. The Union (or the North) beleived that the Southern States did not have the right to leave the Union. That point of law has been debated for a long time.


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The North was fighting the Civil War originally to preserve the Union. However, later sometime, the North fought the Civil War to end slavery.

The North and the South were fighting (Union and Confederacy)

What? They did not prevent a civil war, they fought one .

The North. But it was not a civil war. The north and south were completely separate nations. In a civil war, one nation is fighting itself.

The original reason for the North to fight the Civil War was to prevent the South from seceding.

The Confederates were fighting in the Civil war to be free from the Union and be their own country. the most important reason they were fighting in the Civil War is because the North and South had many Dissagreements over the years.

The South and the North sides of the US.

South or The Confederacy and the North or The Union

The South was fighting to keep its independence - and retain the cotton revenues. The North was fighting to restore the Union - and regain the cotton revenues.

When the south and north were fighting for freedom in the civil war

He was fighting against the south so he was with the north fighting against slavery.

The South was fighting to keep slavery. The North was fighting to abolish slavery.

They were fighting because they made many disagreements between the north and south.

if your talkin about the civil war...which I'm pretty sure you are...they were fighting because they thought slavery was wrong

The North, Union, and the South, Confederates.

In the beginning of the Civil War the North was fighting to join the South back into the Union. While to the South the war was about defense, to protect their new country Confederate States of America(C.S.A). By the end of the war the North was fighting against the 'Peculiar Institution in other words slavery, while the South was fighting to save it.

They were "the Civil War". The North and the South were going against each other. They were fighting against slavery (the North). And the South wanted slavery.

what were the fighting conditions of the civil war

1. The North and South where fighting over slavery

At the start of the US civil war, there were about 31 million soldiers fighting in the war. This was to a rough estimate of 22 million fighting in the North, and a rough estimate of 9 million fighting in the South.

To keep the North and the South together.......

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