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He played quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Q: What was the occupation of Susanna Shakespeare's husband?
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Related questions

What was the name of shakespeares first born?


What was Shakespeares 1st child called?

Her name was Susanna.

Whats the name of shakespeares oldest daughter?

susanna shakespear

Who was shakespeares favourite child?

Susanna was Shakespeare's favorite child.

What was in William Shakespeares will?

He left just about everything to his daughter Susanna.

What were Shakespeares daughters name?

His daughters were called Susanna and Judith.

What was Shakespeares occupation?

poet lol

Who go married first out of shakespeares children?

Susanna. Judith was 32 when she married Quiney.

What was the occupation of will Shakespeares grandad on his mothers side?

He was a farmer

When was Shakespeares's daughter susanna born?

Susana was born in 1583 and his twins Judith and Hamnet were born in 1585

How many children were in shakespeares family origin?

Will and Anne Shakespeare had three children: Susanna, Judith and Hamnet.

What was the name and occupation of shakespeares farther?

John Shakespeare, glover

What are the release dates for The Gale Storm Show Oh Susanna - 1956 Susanna Takes a Husband 2-22?

The Gale Storm Show Oh Susanna - 1956 Susanna Takes a Husband 2-22 was released on: USA: 8 February 1958

Was Anne pregnant with shakespeares baby before they got married?

Yes. Susanna was born 6 months after they were married.

Who was William Shakespeares dead son?

his son who died was called Hamnet,he was the twin of Judith,younger brother of susanna.

Who was William shakespeares wife and did he have children?

His wife's name was Anne Hathaway and his children were called Susanna, Judith and Hamnet.

What was Shakespeares wifes full name and family occupation?

Ann Hathaway

What was the name of William shakespeares first daughter?

The name of William Shakespeare's first daughter (and first child) was Susanna.

Can Shakespeares children read and write?

Susanna certainly could. She was known for her wit and learning. One assumes that Judith could as well.

Who were Susanna Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare and did they have any children and if so are there any Shakespeares left?

Judith had no children, Hamnet died when he was 11 and Susanna had 3 children but none of them had any children. Shakespeare's bloodline no longer exists.

What was Shakespeares mothers name and occupation?

Mary Arden was the daughter of an affluent landowning farmer

Did Shakespeares children go to school?

Even there are no records of it, it is assumed that they were educated either in school or at home. Shakespeare's elder daughter, Susanna, was known for her wit and learning.

Who were William Shakespeare's children named after?

Susanna wasn't named after anyone as far as we know, but the twins were named for the Shakespeares' neighbours and friends Hamnet and Judith Sadler.

How did Shakespeares children die?

One of Shakespeare's children, Hamnet died of the Black plague in 1596. Judith and Susanna Shakespeare both died of old age.

What did Shakespeare do with the money he earned?

He left most of it to his daughter Susanna and her husband Dr. Hall.