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The cheaters would be fined heavily and the money received from those fines would be used to create statues of gods and champion athletes that were placed at the stadium where the Olympics were held.

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Q: What was the penalty for cheating in the first Olympics?
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What was the penalty for cheating in ancient Greek Olympics as a judge?

The judges imposed a fine.

What is the penalty for cheating or taking drugs?


Why are drugs illegal in the Olympics?


What is the penalty for cheating in modern olympic games?


What was the penalty for cheating in the Olympic games in Greece?


What were the Consequences for cheating in the Ancient Olympics?

there was no cheating do to the players being naked, so there was nothing they could e cheating with.

Is there a penalty for cheating in curling?

i imagine that you would be kicked out of the game

What is the penalty for cheating in the Olympics?

In ancient Greece, if you were caught cheating, you had to pay fines and with that money, statues of Zeus were build with the funds. Today people would be disqualified, have to pay, and would have shame following them for the rest of their life, even face jail time depending on the charge.

What is the Jewish penalty for a cheating wife?

The traditional Jewish penalty for a cheating wife was death during the more patriarchal days. Divorce is now a common way of handling adultery instead.

What was the penalties for cheating in the ancient Olympics?

Well, Olympics was a big thing back then- it was THE thing to do, so penalties often involved temporary bans from mobile phones, etc. The biggest penalty by far though, was being stoned to deth by characters from the flintstones. Love, Matt.

What was the penatly for cheating in ancient Olympics?

heavy fines

What can the ancient Olympics fine you for?

They can fine you for cheating in the games.

How do you get disqualified in the Olympics?

Repetitive cheating or drug use

Was cheating in the Ancient Olympics okay?

No. The Greeks placed much stigma on cheating, if and when it was discovered. Punishment included disqualification and exclusion.

Ancient Olympics and cheating?

ANSWER: Is punishable by law and it will ruin the records of that country..

Is there a pentaly for cheating in the present day Olympics?

Yes, being disqualified.

How do you check if some one is cheating in the Olympics?

* Drug tests are taken for those that participate in the Olympics, but some do slip through.

What was the penalty for woman who attend the Ancient Olympics as spectators?

thrown off a cliff

What is the penalty of first degree robbery?

What is the penalty for first degree robbery in ky.

What was the penalty for women who attended the ancient Olympics as spectators?

The punishment for a woman attending the Olympics was to be thrown off mount Typaeum.This is not a fake answer

What happen to an athlete if was caught cheating in the Olympics?

You would be disqualified and will never be allowed to compete in Olympics ever again. You will be banished from your city.

Were women allowed at the ancient Olympics?

Women were not allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics, under penalty of death. Married women were not allowed to attend, also under penalty of death. Unmarried women were allowed to attend, as it was thought that the Olympics were a good place for young maidens to meet their future husbands.

When was death penalty first introduced?

The death penalty was first introduced in the U.S in 1976.

What was the penlty for cheating in the Olympics?

In the Ancient Olympics the punishment was to pay for the construction of a statue of Zeus (for whose honour the Olympics were held). And there must ave been a fair bit of cheating around because they were a lot of statues of Zeus at Olympia... In the Modern Olympics you get banned and stripped of your medals (which probably applied to the Ancient Olympians as well, but I don't know for certain).

When was usain bolt first time in the Olympics?

His first Olympics were the 2008 Beijing Olympics.