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A little over 47 million before and after World War 2. (The Birth Rate rose sufficiently from 1942 onwards to compensate for the numbers killed in the war).

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Q: What was the population of Britain before and after World War 2?
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What was France's population before World War 1 and after World War 1?

it was 14.123.000 before and 1 after the war

What was the population of Great Britain during World War 1?


What was the population in Britain during World War 2?

45 million

Who was the prime minister of Great Britain before World War 2?

Before World War 2 Neville Chamberlain was PrimeMinister

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No; Germany started the war.

Great britain limited jewish immigration to palestine in the years before world war 2 because of?

arab actions against the jewish population there

Which countries had a policy of appeasement before World War 2?

appeasement before world war 2Britain and France was after WWII but Britain and Germany before WWIIAnsweri only know two countries that held an appeasement before war broke out in 1939. these two countries are BRITAIN and GERMANY. i hope that this has helped you with your reasearch.

Who controlled one fifth of the World before world War 1?

Great Britain

Who did the US have an alliance with before world war 1?

Great britain

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Herbert Asquith

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Yes, years before the US was in.

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There was no eleventh world war, sorry.

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Prior to the Second World War, the estimated population of the United States was 130,879,718. As of 2014, the population is 316.1 million.

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Australia was part of World War 1 because of Britain. Britain made an ally with Australia before WW1 started and Australia was part of the British empire.

How did Britain get a lot of food before the war?

Before the war most British food was grown in Britain.

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Britain and France

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Cca 16,000,000