What was the price of a soda in 1954?

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The price of a Coke was a nickel from 1886 until 1959. Coke approached the US treasury in 1953 attempting to convince them to mint a 7.5 cent coin.
15 cents
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What was the price of can soda in 1968?

In 1968, the minimum wage was $1.40 per hour. A six pack of Pepsiwas 59 cents and a hot dog with a coke sold for 40 cents. A coffeeor a soft drink cost 10 cents.

What is the price of Sam's choice soda?

The price of Sam's choice soda will vary depending on the locationof the store. Sam's choice soda in North Carolina around 89 centper two liter.

What was the price of a soda in 1967?

The price of a bottle of soda or pop in 1967 was 10 cents. Itremained that price until about 1972 when the price went to 15cents.

What was the price of soda in 1941?

the price of soda in 1941 was 15 cents and on a Tuesday it was only a dime! i tell you the things you could buy back then!! those were the golden ages!!

What was the soda prices in the 1950s?

Back in the 1950s, soda pop was available for around 10 cents abottle. This included Coca-Cola, along with Pepsi and other popularbrands. Most sodas, however, were mainly avai