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decides which candidate will be given the party nomination to stand for election in the general election

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Q: What was the purpose of primary elections?
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What is the role of primary elections?

The purpose of primary elections is to choose the candidates for the main elections.

What is the role of elections?

The purpose of primary elections is to choose the candidates for the main elections.

What are primary elections?

The primary elections are the elections in which a president is elected.

What type of elections is held to determine a party's candidates for office?

Such is the purpose of primary elections. Candidates may also be determined by caucuses and state conventions.

In what month are primary elections held in Illinois?

Primary elections are held in April.

What is the purpose of primary elections?

choose party candidates for the general election.

When are the primary elections for Texas held?

The 2012 Primary elections will be held on March 16.

If you vote in the primary can you vote in the presidential elections?

Yes. The purpose of the primary election is to choose the nominees for the election in November. (However, if you move during the time between the two elections, you need to be sure that you are registered to vote at your new address. )

What types of elections does Texas have?

In Texas there are four elections, which are Primary elections, General elections, Special elections and others.

How are primary elections different from regular presidential election?

Primary elections arent actually elections they just serve to measure party support

What is the difference between primary elections and general elections?

Political parties use primary elections to determine who they will nominate to represent the parties in the general elections. In the general elections, voters choose from among candidates of various political parties their preferences to fill government offices.

What is the date of the 2011 primary elections in Pennsylvania?

May 17th, 2011 is the primary date for municipal, local elections.

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