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Because the boss would wip them for no reason so they ran to the Under ground Railroad.

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Q: What was the reason why slaves escaped?
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Which northern cities were destination for escaped slaves?

Slaves escaped to Detroit, Erie, and Boston.

How many slaves in the north escaped on the underground railroad?

100,000 slaves escaped through the undreground railroad to freedom 50,000 slaves were reported to have escaped between 1830 and 1860.

What were escaped slaves called?


What happened to the slaves after they escaped?

They were shot

What was slaves called when they escaped?


Where did escaped slaves go?

To The North where they were free

Was the underground railroad for a train?

no it was for escaped slaves

How did the slaves escaped?

They escaped because of Harriet Tubman she built the underground railroad and she went back to settle slaves to a new land to freedom were they would be safe

Why did the slaves want the underground railroad?

Slaves wanted their freedom. Many escaped to Canada.

What is a maroon colony?

A village built by escaped slaves.

What did the escaped slaves do or join to live?

"Underground Railroad"

The Palmares kingdom was composed of escaped?

African slaves.

How many slaves escaped in the civil war?


How many slaves escaped after the emancipation proclamation?


Should slaves that escaped be returned to their owners?

No, they should not.

What were some dangers escaped slaves faced?


Did Slaves Survive when they escaped to the north?

depending on who they escaped to they usually did. if, to great misfortune, they escaped people who would report them back to their master then they would probably not

Why did Harriet Tubman lead escaped slaves to her home in New York?

so that they will not have to be slaves anymore

About how many slaves escaped using the underground railroad?

There is no way to tell exactly how many slaves escaped using the underground railroad. This was a successful route to freedom for a great many.

What law required escaped slaves to be returned to their owners even if they escaped to the north?

The "Fugitive Slave Act" of 1854.

What is the name of a slave who escaped?

Many slaves escaped. The name of one who escaped and was recaptured is Moses Roper. There was a society who helped them to escape and they had a system called the "underground railroad" which helped lots of slaves, lead by Harriet Tubman. Another famous escaped slave was Fredrick Douglass, who escaped from the south and fled to the north to become a distinguished abolitionist.

How many people were slaves?

A.millions all down south were slaves. Some were slaves all their life, others escaped or were freed.

Who created Liberia?

Escaped African slaves created Liberia.

What states did the slaves escape from?

harriet Tubman escaped to this state

Abolitionists were inspired by what type of writing from escaped slaves?