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My 2001 Sport Trac was doing the same thing. With the tilt wheel in the full "up" position, everything worked fine. But move the wheel down even one click, and the left blinkers didn't work. My problem was with the wiring harness inside the steering column. Had Ford replace it and no problems.

I answered my own question- I hope this helps someone else.

I changed the �Combination Turn and Hazard switch� in the column ($57.00 from Ford) and it fixed the problem. Easy job- didn�t have to remove the steering wheel. Just the torx screws for the column covers and two hold down screws. Bobby

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Your left turn signal is fast and you have no brake lights What size bulb does your 2001 Sporttrac take?

the problem is most likely in the tilt of your steering colum....try tilting your steering wheel up some....the bulb is a 3157

When your 2001 Explorer Sports Trac is in drive the brake lights quit working but work when you are in Park or sitting still What is wrong with them?

Many have the same problem, but it is when the steering wheel is tilted. One of the wires in the harness on the steering column breaks contact. Are you tilting the wheel when you so this??

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When I drive, the turn signals work fine when I'm not tilting the steering wheel. So if I were you, I'd get your car checked out.

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Why would brake and signal lights quit working on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

check the fuses. under the dash, and under the hood. Try tilting your steering wheel up, that fixed mine. There is a wire touching inside the column . I just don't move my steering wheel and it works fine.

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What would cause the brake lights on a 2001 Ford Sport Trac to work when the tilt steering is in the all the way up position but not work when the tilt steering is adjusted to any downward position?

I had the same problem. Talking to Ford was no help, so I took the bottom cover of the steering column and had a look. It seems to be the turn indicator switch. Without taking anything apart try tilting the steering down, depress the brake and pull back on your turn signal lever. If your brake lights come on it's the same problem I had. Mines working again, all the pushing and prying I did must have done something. I don't think it's a permanent fix as I am the second owner and it appears that the steering column covers have been off before. Hope this helps, Mike. I had same problem- no brake lights, blinkers and hazards when tilt column was lowered- but ok with column in up position. I changed the �Combination Turn and Hazard switch� in the column ($57.00 from Ford) and it fixed the problem. Easy job- didn�t have to remove the steering wheel. Just the torx screws for the column covers and two hold down screws. Bobby

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