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The first manned mission to the Moon was Apollo 8. It used a Saturn V launch vehicle (SA-503) and the part that actually went to the Moon was CSM-103. (The crew was in the command module CM-103 with the "rocket" part being SM-103.) The CSM was the first manned vehicle to orbit the Moon.

The first manned landing was Apollo 11, which also used a Saturn V launch vehicle (SA-506). The command module where the astronauts spent most of the trip was CM-107 (callsignColumbia) while the lander itself was LM-5 (callsign Eagle).

It may be worth mentioning Apollo 10 as well. It was the second manned mission to the Moon, designed as a test of the lander without actually landing (the lunar module did not have enough fuel to successfully land and take off again, possibly at least partially because it was suspected that had it had sufficient fuel the crew might have landed despite the mission profile: would you give up the chance to be the first person to land on the Moon?). As it was, two members of the crew got within 9 miles of the surface. SA-505 (another Saturn V class rocket) was the launch vehicle, while the command module and the lunar module were CM-106 Charlie Brown and LM-4Snoopy respectively.

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Q: What was the rocket that took the first astronauts to the moon called?
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What was the name of the rocket that carried the first astronauts to the moon?


What vehicle did the Apollo astronauts use to go to the moon witch was some times called the moon buggy?

a rocket !!

Where did astronauts first land on the moon?

The American astronauts first landed on the moon, in a area called Tranquility base.

How did astronauts that visited the moon get there and back?

By rocket

How did astronauts get to the moon?

By Rocket Dehh

What was the name of the rocket that brought the astronauts to the moon?

The name of the rocket was the "Saturn V" It was a 3 stage rocket

What type of rocket launched astronauts to the moon?

Saturn V, a 3 stage rocket.

What was the first rocket that landed on the moon called?

It was called Apollo 11 to land on the moon first.

Who were the American astronauts that were first to set foot on the moon?

The first American astronauts to walk on the moon in 1969 were called Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

What year did the rocket launch astronauts to the moon?

The first rockets to send people to the moon were in December 1968 on Apollo 8. Those astronauts were not due to land on the moon, just to test if they could reach it and get back. Apollo 10 did similar work in 1969. The first to land on the moon were astronauts from Apollo 11 in July 1969.

What vehicle took the first astronauts to the moon?

The Saturn V (Saturn five) rocket was used to launch the astronauts into space.The project was named the Apollo missions.Neil Armstrong was on Apollo 11 which was the first mission to actually land on the Moon.

What are the things needed by the astronauts to set on the moon?

well...mainly a rocket