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Q: What was the role of rose green how in the bull run?
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What was Corletta King's role during the battle of bull run?

She was not born when Bull Run happened. It will be another 100 years.

Flags in the second Battle of Bull Run?

The flags of the second battle of Bull run was Green and Yellow..... They did were flags too.

What are Stonewall Jackson's accomplishments?

bull run bull run bull run bull fun bull run

What woman was instrumental in giving important information to the Confederacy just before the Second Battle of Bull Run?

Rose Greenhow

What problems did the confederates face in the first Battle of Bull Run?

Poor communication, green, untrained troops.

Which woman fought for the Confederacy at the First Battle of Bull Run A Rose O'Neal Greenhow B Loretta Janeta Velazquez C Belle Boyd?

Rose O'Neal Greenhow, she spyed for the confederates, but didnt realy FIGHT in the war. she also delivered a message that made the confederacy win the war of the battle of bull run.

What stream was the Battle of Bull Run fought by?

the battle of bull run was fought by the river bull run

What state is bull run in?

Bull Run is in Virginia.

What role did george Custer play in the Battle of Bull Run?

Custer was giving the duty of messenger between commands

Who was the head of the Union in the Battle of Bull Run?

First Bull Run - Irvin McDowell Second Bull Run - John Pope

What year was the Battle of Bull Run won?

1st Bull run was July 1861. 2nd Bull Run was August 1862.

Who was the northern leader from the bull run battle?

First Bull Run - Irvin McDowell Second Bull Run - John Pope