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Chicago won the tie breaker game for the 2008 AL Central Division championship by the score of 1-0.

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What is played if the score at the end of a tennis set is tied?

a tie breaker!

What is the 2008 Minnesota Twins record?

The Minnesota Twins finished with a record of 88-75 in 2008. They finished second in the American League Central Division after losing a tie-breaker game to the Chicago White Sox.

When was the last MLB regular season tie?

In 2009 the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers played a tie breaker which the Twins won.

What is a tie breaker called in tennis?

If you mean when the score in a single game reaches 40-40, then it is called a deuce.If you mean when the score of a set reaches 6-6 games, then the following game will be a tie-breaker (of various point totals, but professionals use 7 points).

Do you change sides after a tie breaker in tennis?

You would change sides because the score becomes odd after a tiebreak.

How many points needed to score in volleyball?

That depends. Usually it's either 30, 25, 21 or if you're playing a tie breaker, 15

Why does soccer have overtime?

Tie breaker

Is the Tie-breaker rule only used in fast pitch softball?

Tie breaker rules are used in a verity of sports.

The probability that a tennis set will go to a tie breaker is 10 percent what is the probability that two of the three sets will go to a tie breaker?

The outcomes for each set is not independent. For a set to go into a tie breaker the players need to be very evenly matched. If they are, there is a greater probability that the sets will go into tie breaker. If you disregard that aspect of realitythen the answer is 0.0270, approx.

Is tie breaker really a candy bar?


Who serves first after a tie breaker in tennis?

The person who serves the first point of the tie breaker will be the receiver in the first game of the next set. R

What is a game that ends in a tie score?

A tie game.

If Chicago Bears win tonight and both Chicago and the Minnesota Vikings lose next week. what are the tie breaker rules?

if they both lose, the Vikings would still be division champs because they had a better conference record. First tiebreaker is head to head meetings (they split 1-1) and then division record (they were both 4-2).

What about a point system in a triple tie breaker in a volleyball game?

three teams have 1loss and 1 win ,how to do computation for triple tie breaker quotient system

How is a tie score referred to in tennis?

A tie score during a game in tennis is referred to as the score plus the word "all" (e.g., "30-all" means that the score is tied 30-30); the same is true for calling all games in the current set (e.g., "2-all" means that both players have won two games in the current set) and tie-breakers (e.g., "5-all" means that both players have won five points in the tie-breaker). There are two exceptions: (1) when the current game is first underway, the game score is not called at all, and (2) when the game score goes to 40-40, it is referred to as "deuce".

How often do players change ends during a tennis tie-breaker?

Tennis players change ends after every six points during a tie-breaker. Refer to the USTA link, below, for further information.

Tennis tie breaker?

7 points? 10 points if your doing a championship tie break.

How does a World Series game end in a tie?

they dont they have a tie breaker where the two pichers duke it out for the win

How can there be a tie in pro football?

there can be a tie from the same score so they have to go into overtime then

How do you compute Quotient rule in FIBA incase of triple tie and the losing team score is included?

Multiple ties require calculation to establish final positioning. In basketball the triple tie breaker requires adding up the teams scores to determine final rank.

What if the teams remain tied after the tie breaker in soccer?

Tie games are usually decided by penalty kick shootouts.

What are the 3 largest rivers in Minnesota?

Mississippi, Minnesota and then a tie with the Red and the St. Croix

In tennis what is a match?

A tennis match has sets, and sets have games, and games have points. A player wins a match by winning the majority of sets - usually two out of three for women, and three out of five for men. . A set is won when the player wins 6 games AND the opposing player has won 4 or fewer games. If the score is 6 games to 5, then the players play one more game. At the end of this next game, the score will either by 7 to 5 (the winner of the set having 7 games) or the score will be tied at 6 games each. In the event of a 6-6 game tie, then the set goes into a 12 point tie breaker, in which the player that wins the tie breaker, and the set, has at least 7 points AND has 2 more points than the opponent. If the tie-breaker score is 7-7 or 7-6, the tie breaker continues until one player is 2 points ahead of the other player, and thus wins the tie breaker and the set. . A game is won when a player scores 4 or more points AND has two more points than the opponent. If tied, or separated by only one point, the game continues (without tie break) until one player gains two points over the opposing player, and wins the game. . The four points in a game are scored 15, 30, 40, and GAME. When both players are tied at 3 or more points, the score is called DUECE. When one player is one point ahead of the other player after 3 or more points, the score is called ADVANTAGE.

What is a penalty for a shootout in soccer?

shoots outs in soccer are to get a tie breaker

When does a tie-breaker occer?

at the end of a game when the game is tied