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Q: What was the slowest time in 2009 New York marathon?
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How fast is the slowest person on earth?

Shizo Kanakuri is the exception. He holds the world record for the slowest time in the Olympic marathon. He finished the race after 54 years, eight months, six days, 5 hours, and 32 minutes.

What are the release dates for My 1st Time The 2008 ING New York City Marathon - 2008 TV?

My 1st Time The 2008 ING New York City Marathon - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 9 August 2008

What was Robin Quivers' finish time in the New York City marathon?

Robin Quivers finished the 2010 NYC Marathon in 6 hours and 9 minutes.

What is the record for the longest amount of time to run the new york city marathon?

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How many marathons have kathrine switzer won?

One, the 1974 New York City Marathon, with a time of 3:07. (She finished second in the 1975 Boston Marathon with a PR time of 2:51.)

Who won the Boston marathon in 2005?

The winner of 2005 Boston Marathon was Ethiopian Hailu Negussie in a time of 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 45 seconds. He eclipsed second place by 36 seconds and was the first Ethiopian male to win Boston since Abebe Mekonnen did in 1989. Negussie's time was the slowest winning time since 1987.

What time does the Christmas tree store in spring valley open?

2012 New York City Half-Marathon

What was the final time on Edna Kiplagat's 2010 New York City Women's Marathon win?

It was 2:28.20.

What was the final time on Gebre Gebremariam's 2010 New York City Marathon win?

He won it in 2:08:14.

What is the Slowest 100m Sprint in the Olympics?

Shizo Kanakuri was the father of marathon in Japan. However, he disappeared during an Olympic marathon run and was asked to complete the run years later. Technically, his run took 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds.

What time is Sundown time in New York September 18 2009?


Can you walk the New York City Marathon?

You can walk in most marathons, incl. the NYC Marathon, as long as you finish within the courses time limit. For the NYC Marathon this is 8.5 hours. Larger marathons usually start runners in "waves" based on your anticipated completion time. If you plan on walking, for safety reasons it's best to start your race with the last wave.