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What was the standard equipment that a soldier carried into battle?

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2004-12-28 21:16:59

A ww2 infantryman, axis or allied, carried alot of the same

gear. This normally consisted of: 1. Helmet 2. rifle (or assigned

weapon) 3. cartride belt-with or without suspenders 4. canteen 5.

bayonet and scabbard 6. uniform(Shirt/pants) 7. Rain Poncho/shelter

half 8. boots(maybe w/leggings) 9. 3 days rations 10.extra socks

11.toiletries 12.grenades(if available) 13.extra ammo bandoliers(if

available) 15.entrenching tool w/cover. 16.tobacco products

17.personnal items were supposed to be left in the rear.

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