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Monet mostly painted paintings related to landscapes. Many of his paintings are of flowers, trees, and water lilies. He did several of the same subjects. One of his most famous paintings is called "Water Lilies."

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Who painted waterlillies?

claude monet painted waterlillies

How manny paintings did Claude Monet paint?

Claude Monet painted about 1,189 paintings in his lifetime (1840-1926).

Who painted a woman with a parasol?

Madame Monet and her son, picture known as a woman with a parasol, was painted by Claude Monet.

What Year did Claude Monet start to paint?

Claude Monet first painted one of his first masterpieces in 1891 (Impression Sunrise).

How big is the art work Nympheas by Claude Monet?

He painted this subject at least a hundred times. In different sizes.

When did Claude Monet paint the garden at Giverny?

There is not just one painting of this subject. Monet painted it again and again and again from the 1890s until his death in 1926.

Who painted the water lily pool?

"Claude Monet" Painted Water Lily Pool

Who painted the famous painting Autumn at Argenteuil?

Claude Monet painted Autumn at Argenteuil.

What Claude Monet draw most?

He mostly painted Water Lillie's.

What year was the painting 'Water Lilies' by Claude Monet painted?

No answer possible. During the last 30 years of his life Claude Monet painted a few hundred paintings of water lilies.

What type of art did Claude Monet make?

Monet painted using the style of impressioiam. In his childhood he drew doodles

Who painted the first impressionist paintings?

Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Who painted 'Woman with Parasol and Child' in 1874?

Renoir. A painting of Camile Monet, wife of Claude Monet

What did Claude Monet do?

He painted, of course. He painted paintings called impressionist paintings. His type of painting changed the world!

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