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The middle ages way of life was called feudalism.

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What was the way of life of the middles ages called?

The way of life for much of the Middle Ages is called feudalism. Manorialism, which it is also called, is probably a better name because there is no really firm definition of what feudalism is.

Why is Middle Ages called like that?

The middle ages is called the middle ages because its in the middle of two different time periods, or periods of time, in which things were a certain way for a that period of time.

What does feudalisim mean?

feudalism is the way life worked in the middle ages

What was the importance of trade in middle ages?

In middle ages people used to trade across silicon way. With India and china. Very important to sustain life.

How did the monks and nuns improve life in the middle ages?

Monks and nuns contributed to the Middle Ages in many ways. One way was to care for the sick and poor. Another way was to build schools and teach at schools.

Why are the Middle Ages called the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages refers to a period of time from 476 to 1453 which falls in the middle of the three broad divisions of European history: the Classical Era, the Middle Ages, and the Modern Era. This three-way division was created by Renaissance historians, which is why the Renaissance is considered to be the beginning the Modern Era. The middle ages were a time of great development. They signified the transition between the ancient civilizations and modern times.

What is the difference between the Renaissance and middle ages?

the difference between the renaissance and the middle ages is that the middle ages was a time of survival and religious belives. During the middle ages people still believed in god. Also, there were many raids, and travel was not safe. People focused on getting enough food and survivng in the harsh way of life. The middle ages is known as the dark ages because of how harsh people lived. On the other hand the renaissance was of time of rebith, invention, and bring back the classic ways of the Greek and Roman ideas. People lived in luxury and enjoyed life unlike the people of the medival era, otherwise known as the middle ages.

How was warfare central to life in the Middle Ages?

The ware fare life in the middle age was a way of life. Rivals lords battled constantly for power. Many nobles began training in boyhood for future occupation as a knight, or mounted warrior.The weapons and armor of the armies in early Middle Ages were catapults, battering rams, archers, cavalry, spears, swords, daggers and shields.

Who lost power in the Middle Ages?

The nobles of the Middle Ages gave way to the power of the Monarchies as this period of history in Europe was coming to an end.

What was it like without the black death?

Since the middle ages where preoccupied with the plague, we have no way to know how the Middle Ages would have been without the plague.

How do you get to heaven in the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages you could go to heaven by going to church every day and if you were rich you could buy your way into heaven.

Why is the Eightfold Path called the Middle Way?

The Buddha called the Noble Eightfold Path "the Middle Way" since it avoids the two extremes in life, that of total sensual indulgance and that of complete austerity, both of which The Buddha had or tried in his life prior to enlightenment.

What Name was given to early middle ages because learning and civilization declined?

the dark ages ----- The Early Middle Ages were called the Dark Age because of a decline in learning that persisted through much of the time. The decline in learning, however, did not begin during the Middle Ages, but in the Roman Empire of the 3rd century, and the recovery began about half way through the Early Middle Ages, with the Carolingian Renaissance (768-840) in the West and the Macedonian Renaissance (867-1056) in the East.

How did people talk in Middle Ages?

No one is really sure. Books based in the middle ages with weird narritive, is only a guess of the way people talked back then.

In the US when did the Middle Ages start?

The Middle Ages were a time in Europe after the Fall of Rome and lasting about 1000 years. There are other times in other places that are referred to using the same term with the place attached, such as the Japanese Middle Ages, which happened at different times but had conditions similar to the European Middle Ages in some way. There was no such time in the US.

What way were towns important in the middle ages?

They were the center for tradeing and other things

How did the people eat chickens in the middle ages?

the way it was meant to be eaten... with their fingers!

Were there battles to stop antisemitism in the Middle Ages?

Not really. In the Middle Ages anti-Judaism was not generally regarded as bad in the modern way. Obviously, some specific actions were condemned.

How did people travel in the middle ages?

Way back then in the Middle Ages, they didn't have cars, trains, buses, airplanes etc. so they traveled on horses. They also traveled on ships.

What were kings called in the Middle Ages?

"King". If you mean to ask about the way a King was adressed, the usual mode of adress was "my Lord" or "my Liege". Adressing the King as "Your Majesty" only started at the Courts of Charles V and Henry VIII around the year 1520, so after the Middle Ages.

Why did people sleep naked in the middle ages?

because they liked it that way, EAZY ACCESS !

Saws middle ages?

Yes there were saws in the middle ages, but the handsaw wasn't used until the 19th century. In the middle ages a long handsaw was used to saw wood lengthwise, but it disappeared sometime in the 16th century. The French used bow saws all the way into the early 20th century.

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