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Before the war, and according to the world almanac, ""World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 -- world jewish population = 15,748,091""
After the war, "World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population -- 15,690,000"


The World Almanac was notoriously unreliable on this at the time and later revised its figures for the whole period 1938-1948. The real figures are about 16 million in 1939 and 10 million in 1945. See the link - scroll down to the section 'Jewish Population'.

dear sir, I m new about studying Holocaust matter.I would like to ask you why the World Almanac is not notoriuosly unreliable on the period 1939-1946. I would like to know where did you get the statistic about jewish popupalation of 16 millions in 1939 and 10 million in 1945. How it's possible to determine the real popoluation of the jewish population between 1939 to 1945.
I waiting for your kind reply.

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How many Jews are in the world in 2013?

All sites do not agree, but according to the Jewish Virtual Library site, the world Jewish population in 2012 was 13,746,100. That figure is the same on the Jewish People Around the World site for December 11, 2013. For more information, visit the Related Links. _________________________________________________________________ The worldwide Jewish population is 13.3 million Jews. Jewish population growth worldwide is close to zero percent. From 2000 to 2001 it rose 0.3%, compared to worldwide population growth of 1.4%. Refer to link 3 below.

What is the population of Judasim spread around the world?

The total worldwide Jewish population (including Israel) is about 14 million. Of those, about 6 million are in Israel.

How big was the Jewish population in Poland in 1939?

The Jewish population of Poland just before the start of the second world war was about 3.3 million.

How large was the Jewish population in Paris before World War 2?


What was the Jewish population in Lithuania before world war 2?

168,000 Jews

What country had the highest Jewish population before world war 2?


What country during had the highest Jewish population when World War 2 began?

Poland. Just before the start of World War 2 Poland had a Jewish population of about 3.3 million.

What fraction of the Jewish population was killed in World War 2?

About two-thirds of the Jews in Europe were killed, which is equivalent to about one third worldwide.

Great britain limited jewish immigration to palestine in the years before world war 2 because of?

arab actions against the jewish population there

What country had the largest Jewish population before world war 2?

In Europe, Poland with 3.3 million Jews.

Number of Jews in the world?

There are an estimated 13 million Jewish people worldwide.

Where is the largest Jewish population in the world?

Israel is.

What percentage of the world population is Jewish?

Answer: The population of the world is a little over 7 billion people. Of these, about 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) are Jewish.

What was the Jewish population in Normandy France before world war 2?

a lot more than afterwards many were executed

How many Jews were alive in 1939?

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, world Jewish population in 1939 was 16,728,000. The US Holocaust Memorial indicates that European Jewish population in 1933 was approximately 9.5 million, 60% of world Jewish population (15.3 million) and 1.7% of the overall European population.

What is the population of Baptists worldwide?

According to the Baptist World Alliance there are approximately 42 million baptists worldwide.

What is the Jewish world population?

According to the TIME Almanac 2009: As of mid-2008, the total world Jewish population was estimated at 15.1 million, or two tenths of one percent (0.2%) of total world population.

Which city has the greatest Jewish population?

NEW YORK CITY, which has a larger Jewish population than any city in the world.

What is the population of Jews worldwide?

According to world-jewish-population.htm"The worldwide Jewish population is 13.3 million Jews. Jewish population growth worldwide is close to zero percent. From 2000 to 2001 it rose 0.3%, compared to worldwide population growth of 1.4%.In 2001, 8.3 million Jews lived in the Diaspora and 4.9 million lived in Israel. Just about half of the world's Jews reside in the Americas, with about 46 percent in North America. (top)Approximately 37% of worldwide Jewry lives in Israel. Israel's Jewish population rose by 1.6% the past year, while the Diaspora population dropped by 0.5%.Europe, including the Asian territories of the Russian Republic and Turkey, accounts for about 12 percent of the total. Fewer than 2 percent of the world's Jews live in Africa and Oceania.Metropolitan Tel Aviv, with 2.5 million Jews, is the world's largest Jewish city. It is followed by New York, with 1.9 million, Haifa 655,000, Los Angeles 621,000, Jerusalem 570,000, and southeast Florida 514,000."

Percent of population of the world that are Jews?

Less than 1% of the population is Jewish.

What number of the world population is Jewish?

About 14 million...

What nation in the world has the largest jewish population?


How many people pactice the Judaism religion?

The total number of Jews worldwide is difficult to assess because the definition of "who is a Jew" is problematic as not all Jews identify themselves as Jewish, and some who identify as Jewish are not considered so by other Jews. According to the Jewish Year Book (1901), the global Jewish population in 1900 was around 11 million.The latest available data is from the World Jewish Population Survey of 2002 and the Jewish Year Calendar (2005). In 2002, according to the Jewish Population Survey, there were 13.3 million Jews around the world.The Jewish Year Calendar cites 14.6 million. Jewish population growth is currently near zero percent, with 0.3% growth from 2000 to 2001. Intermarriage and the declining birthrate have influenced Jewish population figures, although conversion to Judaism may help to offset this slightly.It has been noted by some writers that the apparent prominence of Jews is disproportionate to the size of their population.

How many Jews were there in Warsaw before the Holocaust?

Before World War II, Warsaw was the home of 375,000 Jews, one third of the population of the city. It once had the largest Jewish population of any city in Europe.

What was the world Jewish population in '1940'?

By end of 1940 the global Jewish population dropped by 100,000 and pre-war Jewish population was 17.86 Million. So the answer would be around 17.75 Million.