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They were invented by the Chinese over 2,000 years ago.

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Q: What was the year kites were invented?
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Kites invented by the?

Kites were invented by the chinese

What country were kites invented?

Kites were invented in China

What year was kites built?

Kites have been around for a long time. They were invented in the 5th century BC in China.

Who were kites invented by?


Who was the one who invented kites?

The Chinese invented kites to scare off enemies 1000 BC ,also to measure wind speeds

Who were the makers of kites?

Kites were first invented in China approximately 2,800 years ago.

Who invented kites?

Kites made their appearance over three thousand years ago, in China

What country did kites originate in?

Kites were first developed in ancient China. Written references to kites in China date back to 200 B.C., but they were probably invented at a much earlier time. Kites were probably derived from cloth banners, similar to modern flags, which streamed out in the wind while attached to cords or flexible wooden rods. The first use for kites was probably for signaling at a distance. The Chinese later used kites for numerous purposes, ranging from religious ceremonies to warfare. The earliest kites were built of wood and cloth. Paper was invented around the year 100 A.D. and was soon adapted for use in kites.

What year were kites invented?

The earliest known kite was from 2300 B.C. See this site:

What were kites invented for?

For measuring the wind and whether conditions

How and why were kites invented?

Initially they were used to measure wind and weather conditions. People saw the fun of flying kites so they became popluar for fun. some kites were also used for fishing, too!

Kites were invented by whom?

Chinese invented the kite 2800 years ago! They were made of fine silk and bamboo.