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Q: What was their purpose and were they successful?
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How successful was Maryland in fulfilling its original purpose?

How successful was Maryland in fulfilling its original purpose

What is one purpose of making a pastiche?

To create a successful forgery

What was the first successful general purpose computer called?

saving files

Was the Nva and vietcong successful or unsuccessful?

The NVA were successful, because they won the war. The VC served their purpose; but were fairly well decimated after their offensive in 1968.

Was Apollo 13 successful in its purpose?

Well, it kept its crew alive... job 1! But it did not land them on the Moon, so I wouldn't call the trip successful.

What are the selection criteria for a successful tender?

Some of the selection criteria for a successful tender includes: the fitness for purpose,maintenance and running costs,risks and warranty.

What is the purpose of BPM tools?

Business process management is really important to businessman nowadays. It's purpose was to guide business owners to be successful on their business.

What is the purpose of the mushroom?

The mushroom is the "fruiting body" (i.e. reproductive system) of certain types of fungi. Its purpose is therefore to ensure the successful reproduction of the fungus into the next generation.

What is the purpose of utilising the concept of staff leasing?

The purpose is so that the business owner can focus on being successful and not have to deal with things such as payroll, benefits, HR issues, and risk management.

What is the meaning of trey songz song successful?

If you watch the video and the 'behind the scenes' video you will understand the purpose of this song.

What is the most important early step in the process of developing a successful speech?

The most important early step in developing a successful speech is to clearly define your purpose and audience. Understanding why you are giving the speech and who you are speaking to will guide all other aspects of the speech development process.

What is the purpose of OPSEC in the work place?

To reduce the vulnerability of Air Force missions from successful adversary exploitation of critical information