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Before the time of the Dinosaurs there was the Permian which included the first instance of reptilian diversification.And before that was the Carboniferous which was the Age of amphibians. And before that it was the Devonian and Silurian which was the age of fish. And before that it was the Ordovician and was the Age of Invertebrate. Before that was the Cambrian which was when Multi-cellular organism started to evolve. And lastly the Pr-Cambrian was where Single organism start to flourish, and lastly again before even that was when the Earth was created.

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What exsisted before Dinosaurs?

There was absolutely no life on land before the dinosaurs. Every living creature was in the sea before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Dinosaurs before or after the ice age?

Dinosaurs lived before the Ice Age.

Was there amphibians before dinosaurs?

Yes we even had a ancestor amphibians before the dinosaurs!

Are aligators dinosaurs?

no. they were around way before dinosaurs.

Was a shark around before the dinosaurs?

Yes, sharks existed on Earth before the dinosaurs.

Did the Dimetrodon come before or with the dinosaurs?

Dimetrodon live in the Permian period, which was before the dinosaurs.

Did walking with dinosaurs came out before frozen?

No. 'Frozen' released before 'walking with dinosaurs'.

Did the dinosaurs come before BIble times?

YES, dinosaurs came long before Biblical times. When dinosaurs ruled the Earth there were no men.

Did walking with dinosaurs come out before frozen?

Walking with dinosaurs came out before Frozen in 2013.

Did the dinosaurs come before Christ?

A:Not only did dinosaurs come before Christ, the last of the dinosaurs had already become extinct milions of years before the first humans on earth!

Did dinosaurs come before humans?

Humans came after Dinosaurs.

What animals came before dinosaurs?

Mummy and Daddy dinosaurs.

Who live before dinosaurs?

they just found a new species of crocodiles and they predict that they lived before the dinosaurs

Did mammals appear before dinosaurs?

No. Dinosaurs appeared about 5-10 million years before mammals did..

Did sharks come before dinosaurs?

Yes. About 200 million years before dinosaurs came on to the landscape.

Was man created before the dinosaurs?

No. Dinosaurs, and the other animals, were created one day before man.

Who lives before as?

Before we were born, dinosaurs was...

Who where the first people before dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs pre-date humans therefore there were no humans prior to the Dinosaurs.

Did cavemen live before dinosaurs or after dinosaurs?

The lived during the dinos.

What are the release dates for Before the Dinosaurs - 2005?

Before the Dinosaurs - 2005 was released on: USA: December 2005

Were humans made before dinosaurs?

humans were not "MADE". dinosaurs died out 65 million years before humans

When was Before the Dinosaurs - album - created?

Before the Dinosaurs - album - was created on 2011-11-04.

Were penguins alive before dinosaurs?

No penguins are still living dinosaurs are extinct

Was dinosaurs in the same era as caveman?

no dinosaurs died out before caveman came....

What came first dinosaurs or crocodiles?

Dinosaurs appeared shortly before crocodiles did.

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