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oh yes you can get pregnat ive learned that it is possible but very unlikely. i did alot of research because i was in a similar situation. you can only get pregnant when ovulating which is usually about 2 weeks after your period but really you could ovulate at any time. its unlikely but you should really take a test

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Can you get pregnant having protective sex when stopping the birth control?

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

Can sperm come out the sides of the condom and get into you and make you pregnant?

If sperm does come out of the side of the condom, or if the condom breaks while you are having sex than it can make you pregnant. It seems unlikely that the condom would fill up with so much sperm that it is overflowing, but maybe you need a different size condom if this is the case. just incase it does happen u should take the pill if u dont want 2 get preagnant.

How could you get pregnant if he always wears a condom?

By having sex with someone that does not wear a condom.

What are the chances that you are pregnant if on mini pill and used condom but having a few pregnant symptoms a month later?

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

How does a girl get pregenant?

Having sex without a condom can make a girl pregnant as well as not putting on the condom properly, making the condom break.

Can you still get pregnant if he didnt come and the condom doesnt rip or fall off?

No you can not get pregnant if he is wearing a condom while having sex even if he did come and ejaculate,

When a girl has sex for the first time does she becomes pregnant if the blood comes out after having the sex?

The girl can become pregnant after the sexual intercourse. This can happen regardless of she was virgin or not. It is better to use condom, if the partner is not husband or wife.

Can you still get pregnant if you had protective sex?

If the condom was faulty. I recommend having a pregnancy test.

How long after having condom protected sex would your period stop if you were pregnant?

unless there was a condom "malfunction" ,, never,, that's sort of the point no?

Can you get her pregnant even if you don't have a condom?

Okay first of all, the condom is used to preventpregnancy. In order to get pregnant you would want to NOT use a condom. So YES!!!! That is how you do get her pregnant. Use a condom or hold off and go get some from WalMart real fast before having sex if you don't want to get her pregnant. I promise you that condoms are a lot cheaper than a kid.

What are the chance of becoming pregnant if there was pin holes in the condom?

It depends. Did the condom have spermicidal lubricant? How long did he stay inside after he came? How many holes did you poke in the condom?Chances of getting pregnant within a year with good condom use is about 15-20% [ie: of 100 typical couples using condoms and having regular sex for a year, 15 to 20 of them will get pregnant] Chances of getting pregnant within a year without any birth control is about 80%. Of course your chances for getting pregnant in a single encounter are much smaller, but someone wins the lottery every day.Don't be dumb. If the condom breaks or leaks, take Plan B. If you are deliberately poking holes in the condom to try and get pregnant without the guy knowing, well, there's no way to express how dumb, unethical, and wrong that is.Chances of having the life you expected after spermjacking a guy to either trap him in the relationship or have his baby on your own: absolutely none.

What is the good method to get pregnant?

having sex without condom,and let the guy come inna you

What will happen if you blow up an unused condom?

You will probably get arrested for not having an explosives licence!

What is the fastest way to get pregnant after having IUD taken out?

There's no special "fast way" to get pregnant. Just have sex without using a condom.

Do you hav to have your period to get pregnant?

No; in fact having your period shrinks your chances of getting pregnant to almost zero. Still use a condom though.

What does it mean when you dont get your period but you are having safe sex?

Did the condom break or leak? If so, you could be pregnant!

Can you still get pregnant if he wears a condom and pulls out?

If any sperm escape and get into your vagina you can become pregnant. There is no 100% foolproof method of not getting pregnant except not having sex at all.

Can you get pregnant without ever having your period and he uses a condom?

If you have unprotected sex during the first cycle of your period (but before it's reached the bleeding stage) then you can get pregnant w/o ever having had a visible period.But if you used a condom, and used it right the risk of pregnancy is really small.

Is it easy to get pregnant while in the shower using no protection?

It makes no difference in or out of the shower while having intercourse; if your not on the pill or not using a condom, it is usually east to get pregnant.

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