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Q: What was wartime rationing?
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The goal of wartime rationing was?

The goal of wartime rationing was to ensure enough resources were available for soldiers and their equipment. This included things like steel and many food items.

What was used to limit the use of products during wartime?


Why was wartime rationing necessary?

Wartime rationing was necessary for various reasons. One reason was that many goods were in short supply and rationing allowed the government to maintain control over what was available. Another reason for rationing was to insure everyone had access to needed supplies rather than some people hoarding them.

What was the process of controlling distribution of scarce goods during wartime?


Wartime rationing of consumer goods lead to what unintended consequence?

Black market

What is wartime rationing and why was it practiced in the US during World War 2?

Rationing was used to make needed supplies available for the troops during WW2

What was the control of products the civilians may buy during wartime called?

War rationing.

How did war effect Japanese cuisine?

As with most nations during wartime, it broke the system down to rationing.

What organization oversaw all wartime rationing in world war 2?

Office of Price Administration (OPA)

What was the method used to decrease the use of scarce and essential wartime goods in World War 2?

The word is rationing.

What was wartime rationing in world war 2?

very poor. little food with no cheese and you had to make your own milk

Why was wartime rationing necessary in World War 2?

Wartime rationing was necessary because every American citizen was economically effected by the war. The government did this so they could have complete control over demands from the American citizens. The food and supplies was needed over seas. The soldiers were hungry and tired and needed some essential items to fight.

What word refers to wartime plan in which Americans used government-issued books of coupons to purchase a limited amount of certain items?


What did the US government do to combat wartime inflation?

There are a number of things that the US government did to combat wartime inflation. The man thing that they did was to fix the price of things and also imposed rationing through coupons instead of cash among other things.

Why did the US government use rationing for some foods and consumer goods during world war?

to guarentee each civilian a minimum standard of living in wartime

How and why did the US government introduce war-time controls such as censorship and rationing on the home front?

Answerthey didn't they had more than enough food to last AnswerNot true--there was wartime rationing starting basically as soon as the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Everything was rationed.

Why did the us government use rationing for some foods and consumer goods during world war ii?

to guarantee each civilian a minimum standard of living in wartime

Why was the wartime diet better than ours today?

Well, wartime diets are better than ours today as they didn't have fast food, didn't over eat because of rationing and because they grew their own produce which was mostly vegetables, so they ate a lot of that.

Why did the U.S. government use rationing for some foods and consumer goods during world war 2?

to guarantee each civilian a minimum standard of living in wartime

What are rationing cards?

Cards for rationing.

What was wartime rationing in America?

The United States had widespread shortages during World War II and solved the problem by rationing. With America suddenly pulled into World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, war production kicked into over drive. All production was aimed at the military first while domestic needs became secondary. As a result, rationing became the only way to make everyone got their fair share.

Where did rationing happen?

Rationing happpend in Britain

Where can you find information about World War 2 rationing?

To find information on rationing you can go to To find information on rationing you can go to To find information on rationing you can go to

Why would a nation ration goods and services in time of war?

Goods may be rationed during wartime for a couple of reasons. When commodities become scarce (which can happen during wartime) and demand remains the same prices will rise, maybe a lot. Rationing reduces the demand and thus keeps prices from going out of reach for ordinary income people. Some commodities such as tires, gasoline, etc. are needed for the war effort, rationing makes them available for this purpose. I don't remember services being rationed but if they were it would be for the same reasons.

What is food rationing?

What is food rationing, and victory gardens?