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Q: What wash soap to use in step in tub.?
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How do you wash a lizard?

Use a sponge, moistened in warm water. Don't use any detergents etc. Dry the shell afterwards with a towel.

Black worms in bathtub?

Too bad!You will have to wash tub and scrub it with soap. Use Borax.You should pick out the worms with pliers!

What kind of soap do you use to wash a car?

A good car wash soap, it doesn't leave spots, dish soap will.

What do you use to clean a plastic tub?

Just wash with soap and water. Simple. Step 1: Rinse tub floor with hot or warm water. Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda (a non-toxic antibacterial cleaner) on the tub floor. Step 3: Scrub with scrub brush, rag, or sponge and rinse and wipe clean.

Why do chickens wash their mouths with soap?

Chickens have to wash their mouths out with soap because they use fowl language.

How do you wash shoe laces?

use soap

How do you use of soap? wash your hands.

Is a foot tub called a foot tub because of the depth of the sides of the tub?

No, a foot tub is called a foot tub because you use it to wash your feet. Though alternatively you can also use it to massage your feet with more advanced products. The depth of the tub has no relevance to it really, so long as it's deep enough to wash feet with.

Can you wash your hair with dish wash soap?

You can wash your hair with any soap but if u dont use a good shampoo ,it will dry out your hair. You can but I dont recommend it.

Can you wash a guinea pig with dial body wash?

No you can't use human soap, you should use soap made for small animals like guinea pigs.

How do you clean rubber bath mat?

You would use SOAP and WATER and wash it in the tub, or outside on the deck. You use a SPONGE and/or a cloth. To dry it you can put it outside and hang it from your deck, and then to get off any excess water you wipe it with a cloth.

Why do you use soap to wash off fat?

the ingredients in the soap heats the fat and it is easier to remove