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What wave does sound travel in?

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Sound (and vibration) waves may only travel in some medium. Such as air, metal and so on. They cannot travel in a vacuum.

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A sound wave will travel most quickly in what?

A sound wave can travel mor quickly in water than in air

Does sound travel?

Yes, sound is a wave and it travels when there is a medium for it to travel through.

What type of wave does a sound use to travel?

A sound wave travels in longitudinal waves.

What wave needs a medium to travel?

A sound wave would be a good example of a wave needing a medium to travel.

What is a wave that requires a medium through which to travel?

A mechanical wave such as a sound wave requires a medium to travel through.

What are the objects called that allow sound to travel through them?

Sound is a pressure wave. Objects that "allow" sound to travel through them could be called wave guides.

Sound waves do not travel through what?

Sound wave do not travel through vaccum as it need medium to travel.

How is a sound wave a compression wave?

As a sound wave travels it compresses the air particles around it together in order for it to travel because a wave cannot travel if the matter it uses isn't connected.

Which type of wave is sound?

Sound is a mechanical wave and must travel through a medium, such as air, water, and solids. Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

What medium does sound wave travel faster in?

Sound waves travel the fastest through a solid.

Why is sound wave a mechanical wave?

Sound is a mechanical wave because it requires passing through a medium in order to travel. Air, water, and string are all examples of mediums that sound waves travel through.

Sound cannot travel through what?

As sound is a mechanical wave (unlike light, an electromagnetic wave), it requires a medium in which to travel, therefore, it cannot travel through a vacuum.

What is the material through witch a wave travels?

A wave may only travel through matter of some kind. 'Sound must have a medium in which to travel'. There is no matter in space, and so sound cannot be heard. (Sound is a wave)

What do sound waves travel away from?

The source that emitted the sound wave.

Why cant a sound wave travel in space?

There is no atmosphere in outer space for sound to travel though. You can not have sound in empty space.

Do sound waves need a material to travel in?

sound wave need material becuse sound wave formed by compresion and rarefaction

Sound waves can travel only in the air.?

A sound wave can travel through air, water or any other liquid or solid matter. The distance the wave can travel is dependent on the medium the sound wave has to go through. Temperature and atmospheric pressure can also have an effect

Does sound travel best through water or air?

the sound wave is travel through air well,

What must sound wave travel on to reach your ears?

sound waves travel through the air particles

Why will sound not travel in a vacuum?

In order for a sound wave to travel, it must compress and expand the molecules in the medium it travels through (such as air or water). In a vacuum, there is no medium to be compressed and expanded, so the sound wave cannot travel.

What type of wave can travel through a medium?

A mechanical wave (e.g. sound).

Are sound waves a transverse wave?

No , sound waves are longitudinal waves ,their vibrations are along the direction of travel of wave.

Explain why a sound wave can't travel from a satellite to earth?

A sound wave can not travel from a satellite to earth because there is not an atmosphere in space. The sound wave has no way off traveling through the air because there isn't any air.

Which travel faster a radio wave or sound wave?

A radio wave travels about 874,000 times as fast as a sound wave,plus it doesn't need any material to move through, as sound does.

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