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Q: What wavelengths of light causes surface skin burning?
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What happens when light hits a blue surface?

Depending on the range of wavelengths that comprise the incident light, some of it may be absorbed and some may be reflected. If blue wavelengths are present in the incident light, then the blue is mostly reflected, and any other wavelengths are mostly absorbed. This is the main reason that the surface acquires the reputation of being 'blue'.

Wavelengths of violet light compared to wavelengths of ultraviolet light?

Violet light has longer wavelengths.

Why sunlight turn black colour into white?

Sunlight cannot turn black into white. However, a black surface may appear white in bright sunlight due to reflection of all the wavelengths of light from a shiny surface. The color black is actually the result of the absence of reflection of any wavelengths of light while the color white is the result of reflection of all the wavelengths of light.

What causes the surface of the sun to emit light and heat?

the causes

What causes a cosmological redshift?

A redshift occurs when the wavelengths increase in objects by light or electromagnetic radiation levels in an object. In cosmological redshift also has to do with light; however, instead of an increase in wavelengths, there is an expansion of the universe.

How does paper selection affect color?

Ink doesn't create its color the way paint does. Paint is opaque. Light hits the surface of the paint film, the wavelengths of light that don't correspond to the color your thing is are absorbed. Ink that isn't black is transparent. Really it is. Light passes through it and strikes the paper surface. The paper absorbs certain wavelengths of light. Then the light passes back through the ink film where the wavelengths not needed for the color of ink are absorbed. A cream-color paper will absorb different wavelengths than a blue-white paper.

What causes the dark bands observed in a solar spectrum?

The dark bands are caused from the differnet chemical elements which absorb light at specific wavelengths.

What affects light with short wavelengths more than light with long wavelengths?

Scattering of light

What is the separation of light into different wavelengths?

It means the wavelengths are separated. White light, for example, is actually a mixture of different wavelengths.

What causes an atom to release energy in the form of visible wavelengths of light?

When an atom releases energy in the form of visible wavelengths of light, it indicates that an electron in that atom has gone from an excited energy level, back down to a lower energy level.

What effect does interstellar dust have on the light from distant stars?

It causes extinction and it scatters away the shorter wavelengths. Edit : "extinction" of light, of course, in case you were worried.

Why is chromatic aberration a problem for astronomers?

When light of different wavelengths is scattered sightly due to differences in how the light reacts to the optics of the system. when light of different wavelengths are scattered slightly due to differences in how the light reacts to the optics of the system