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Spas became fashionable in Britain and several European countries in the 18C, when "tourism" was really in its infancy and a pursuit only for those with the time and money to travel.

If they could be said to contribute to an "industry" that was not yet thought of as one, it was by helping to start it; in parallel with the start of dipping one's body in the sea. That came about due to King George III making sea-bathing fashionable after his doctors prescribed it, travelling to Weymouth and its neighbouring Melcombe (South coast of England) to do so - giving the latter town its honorary "Regis" suffix.

His Majesty stayed with friends residing there. Hotels did not exist, although there were many inns offering lodgings.

It was still a long time before anyone thought of sea-bathing for fun, rather than medicinal as the spa waters were also thought to be.

Some spas still exist, such as that which made the originally-Roman town of Bath famous - I have "taken the waters", and as I recall, thought they taste a bit like Alka-Seltzer, due to the minerals in them.

The Romans like the place for its hot springs - their public bath which used the naturally-hot water, is preserved as a museum.

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Q: What way did spas contribute the growth of the tourism industry?
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