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Q: What way does the waxing crescent moon face?
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Does a thin crescent moon always face the same way?

No. If it is right before a new moon the crescent will face one way, the crescent after a new moon faces the opposite way.

What phase of the moon is full moon?

The Moon is full when the entire face of the Moon, as seen from Earth, is lit up.That occurs half way through the cycle from new moon to new moon.The phases of the moon go: waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous. third quarter, waning crescent and it starts all over.

What phase of the moon do you observe 14 days into the lunar cycle?

At this point, half way through the cycle, the moon will be full.

How do you know when the Moon is getting bigger?

When the moon appears to grow smaller, we say it "wanes". Conversely, when it gets bigger, we say it "waxes".

How do you pronounce waxing moon?

The way its spelled - like waxing your car.

Is a quarter moon larger or smaller then a gibbous moon?

We see more of the moon lit when it is a gibbous moon than when it is a crescent moon, so it does seem bigger. Save

How many types of moon do we have?

new moon,waxing crescent,first quarter,waxing gibbous,full moon,waning gibbous,last quarter,waning crescent.

What order do the moon faces happen in?

The different moon phases are (in order):New moonWaxing crescentFirst quarterWaxing gibbousFull moonWaning gibbousThird quarterWaning crescent,(cycle repeats from new moon)their are 8 moon phases but there is only 4 Major ones witch are (new moon first quarter full Moon and third quarter and last)

Which way does waxing go?

waxing in moon phases is to the left when your in the south and in the north its to the right

Why does the moon waxes and wane?

These are just terms that we use to describe the moon's appearance as its month-long lunar day unfolds for us. The phases of the moon are simply the way the moon appears to us as we watch one lunar day pass. As we look at the moon, we can describe its phase changes this way. When the moon is new and before it reaches half-lit, it is 'waxing crescent'; it's getting bigger, and it's still shaped like a crescent. After the half-illumination point, it is waxing gibbous; it's getting bigger, and it's beyond the crescent stage. After the full moon and before it reaches half-lit, it is waning gibbous, and after that it is waning crescent.

What does waxing mean in the way of moon?

It means going from new moon to full moon.

Which side of a waxing moon illuminated seen from the north pole?

it apperes like the waxing moon is the other way