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Q: What we slows down objects moving in water?
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Which force slows down moving objects?


What is the force that slows moving objects down?


What force slows moving objects?

Inertia is what slows down moving objects. 2nd Answer: Not even close . . . inertia would keep objects FROM slowing. Friction or running into another object will slow a moving object.

What is the effect on friction on moving objects?

It resists the motion (slows it down)

What is an outside force that slows down moving objects?

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What is an unbalanced force that slows down moving objects?

the force is called gravity (I'm not really sure if that's the right answer, but you can just go to google and type in force that slows down moving objects, glad if I helped(:

What is the unbalanced force that slows down sliding desk and moving cars?

The force that slows down moving objects is friction, the action of two objects rubbing against each other. This scenario illustrates the action of Newton's Second Law.

Does deposition happen more when moving water speeds up or slows down?

When water slows down. When water slows down it no longer has the ability to carry a lot of sediment and so deposition occurs

What forces govern thrown objects?

Momentum- a moving object tends to keep moving. Friction- pushing air out of the way slows it down. Gravity- pulls it down

What is is the special force which stops things moving or which slows down moving things?

friction stops things from moving and slows it down

A force can make moving objects?

A force will cause a moving object to continue moving. It will also cause the object to move farther and faster until friction slows it down.

What is one example of an outside force that slows down moving objects?

A parachute. Nothing more, nothing less.