Assassins Creed 2

What weapons do assassins use?

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yes, in total there are over 30 weapons he can use

Where Assassins have better weapons and elegance... Thieves have better agility but they answer to the Assassins.

the exact same in assassins creed1

no it has different armor and cooler weapons

Yes indeed. Assassins were a bit different than today...they didn't were anything like today's assassins do. There is also a change in weapons. The weapons also depend on the culture of the assassins.

Nothing "happens." You just unlock all small weapons and can access them in Villa Auditore to use them as you please.

I hope your talking about assassins creed 2 btw. anyway, I think your talking about the place where you keep the feathers and stuff. you just keep weapons you bought in the castle. but not the weapons you have equiped with you.

I'm Not sure but I think it has something to do with using fists and no weapons

yes and you can get the armor and suit

At the start of assassins creed you find your character being ridiculed for something he did earlier. He is demoted and has his weapons striped from him. With each level you get to unlock new weapons. By the end you should have: Hidden Blade (1) Longsword short blade Throwing knifes

the d-pad if you have the 360 or PS3

you can upgrade roma (monuments and other stuff),you can upgrade moves with weapons,you can upgrade armor and weapons.

u go to monternegrio villa and look at the weapons. then choose ur 1

yes it is it has multiplayer and you can use cannons as weapons cool new moves too watch the demo if you want to see

Yes. There are more weapons, scenarios, and extra features to play with. I found Assassins Creed (1) Repetitive.

Yes, and there are still assassins. Snipers are good examples of assassins. Anyone who kills can be classified as an assassin.

use their weapons use their weapons use their weapons

I know it sucks but you have to go to your villa to change wepons.

Total of 36 weapons are unlocked everytime you finished a sequence.

Go to the blacksmith shops when u have florenz or money

Well it's very simple really. There is a special USB cable for connecting the PS3 remote to the PS3. That can also connect to the psp, on the ps3 controller side. then somewhere in the assassins creed menu. I hope that answers your question, but those weapons really aren't that great =(

go to your house in monterneggro or something and its in the weapon room.

Check all the weapon stores. Once that's done, the only weapons you don't have are guards weapons. For 2H Swords you will probably have to get them from brutes. To get the weapons, you just have to disarm your opponents. Once you have held the weapons they will be in your Villa Armory.

ok at the main floor there is a room on right and left go to the left one and there are weapons racks

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