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What weapons were used in Saving Private Ryan movie?

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Stard-issue weapons. M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, Bazookas, M1911 Pistols, M1a1 thompsons, M1919 light machine guns, Browning Automatic Rifles, mk.2 grenades, Molotov Cocktails, and springfield sniper rifles. The Germans used Kar98ks, 20 mm flak guns, Mg42's, stielhandgranats, Panzerfausts, mp40's, and that is about it. Some Vehicles were Panzer 1v's, Tiger tanks, Marder II's.

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Who directed the 1998 movie Saving private Ryan?

Saving Private Ryan was directed by Steven Spielberg.

What year did they come out with Saving Private Ryan?

The movie Saving Private Ryan made it's theatrical debut in 1998.

Saving Private Ryan was a movie about which world war?

Saving Private Ryan is set in 1994, at the Battle of Normandy, duing WWII.

What movie has initials SPR?

Saving Private Ryan

What year was the movie Saving Private Ryan?


When was the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' released in theaters?

'Saving Private Ryan' had a release date of July 24, 1998 .

What movie between Rocky Braveheart Casablanca or Saving Private Ryan did not win an academy award for best picture?

Saving private ryan

Who directed Saving Private Ryan?

Steven Spielberg directed "Saving Private Ryan". Steven Spielberg directed the movie "Saving Private Ryan" an 1998 American epic war film. The movie was set during the invasion of Normandy in World War II. Saving Private Ryan Awards include Golden Globes, Academy Awards, MTV Movie Awards and More.

Where was the movie saving Private Ryan filmed?

Ireland I think

Where did the movie Saving Private Ryan take place?


What movie was fanfare for the common man in?

Saving Private Ryan

Did Saving Private Ryan win an Oscar for best movie?


Who is the director of the movie Saving Private Ryan?

Steven Spielberg

What was the genre of the movie Saving Private Ryan?

Action, drama ,war movie.

Which was first band of brothers or saving private Ryan?

saving private Ryan

Who played Private Ryan in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'?

Matt Damon played the role of Private James Francis Ryan.matt damon

Did Matt Damon play Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?

Yes, Matt Damon played Private James Ryan in Saving Private Ryan.

Where do they start out at the movie Saving Private Ryan?

The movie starts at Omaha Beach. They move inland to find Ryan.

Who was the star of saving private Ryan?

Tom Hanks was the star of Saving Private Ryan.

What is the duration of Saving Private Ryan?

The duration of Saving Private Ryan is 2.82 hours.

How much did the movie Saving Private Ryan make?

Gross: $216,540,909

What are flaws to the movie Saving Private Ryan?

Check out for goofs.

Who created the movie such as ET and saving private Ryan?

Steven Spielberg

What is the movie where Tom Hanks participated as a soldier?

saving private ryan

What does the movie Troy and Saving Private Ryan have in common?

They are War movies.