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Weapond of mass destruction!e.g.

necular bombs





Battery gun AA



rocket launcher....


This Guy is an idiot dont listen to him. He obviously has no idea what the Boxer Rebellion was.

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Q: What weapons were used in the boxer rebellion?
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How were missionaries affected by the Boxer Rebellion?

Some were killed in the Boxer Rebellion.

What happened after the boxer rebellion?

After the Boxer Rebellion, Boxer leaders were executed, and the palaces were looted.

What are the similarity between the sepoy rebellion and the boxer rebellion?

The Sepoy Mutiny in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China

What caused the Bower Rebellion?

Boxer Rebellion?

What was the boxer rebellion against?

Boxer Rebellion was held against foreign interests and foreign economy

What country is the boxer rebellion in?

The boxer rebellion took place in China between 1899 and 1901.

Why was the boxer rebellion important to history?

the boxer rebellion is important in history because i don't know

When was The Boxer Rebellion - band - created?

The Boxer Rebellion - band - was created in 2003.

Which of the following describes a major difference between the Taiping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion?

The Taiping Rebellion targeted the Qing dynasty, while the Boxer Rebellion supported it.

Were did the Boxer Rebel?

The boxer rebellion happened in China.

What happened in the Boxer Rebellion?

They boxed in the boxer bebellion. <(*p*)>

What are the reasons for us to be against involvement in the boxer rebellion?

The US wanted the railroads that is why they were against the involvement of the Boxer rebellion.

What rebellion attempted to drive foreigners from China?

The Boxer Rebellion.

What rebellion was led by the Righteous harmonious fists?

The Boxer Rebellion

What was the rebellion against the Qing Dynasty called?

boxer rebellion

Why was the rebellion called the Boxer Rebellion?

The Boxer Rebellion, Boxer Uprising, or Yihetuan Movement was an anti-imperialist, anti-foreign, and anti-Christian uprising in China between 1899 and 1901, towards the end of the Qing dynasty.

What was the rebellion in China against foreign influence called?

Boxer Rebellion

Where was the location of the Boxer Rebellion?


Who was the Boxer Rebellion aimed at?


The boxer rebellion of 1900 was an attempt to remove what?

The Boxer Rebellion was an attempt to remove the Europeans from China. to throw out or kill all foreigner

The Boxer Rebellion relationship with Qing Dynasty?

The Boxer Rebellion didn't have a good relationship with the Qing Dynasty due to there failling in China.

Who was the Boxer Rebellion held against?

The Boxer Rebellion was held against foreign interests controlling life within Chinese society.

What goals did the western allies have in the Boxer Rebellion?

To protect the ability of business to continue trade with China

Why did the boxer rebellion happen?

The Boxer Rebellion happened because Chinese citizens were rebelling against oppressive rule by foreign governments. The Boxer Rebellion lasted from 1898 until 1900.

What are some of the ways of Martial Arts used throughout time?

Look up "Boxer rebellion"