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India today magazine

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Q: What weekly magazine has the largest circulation in India?
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How are Times of India and TIME different?

The Times of India and the American TIME magazine are two separate publications that are not related. The Times of India is a daily newspaper in India written in English and TIME magazine is a weekly news magazine published in the United States.

Which single edition daily has the largest circulation in India?

Malayalam manorama

Where is Kumudam distributed?

Kumudam is a Tamil weekly magazine published in Chennai, India. The magazine is famous for its glamorous center page pictures and publishes spiritual articles.

Who is the writter of INDIA TODAY?

India Today is an Indian English-language weekly magazine. It was established in 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie (owner of Thompson Press).

What is the definition of the term 'vikatan'?

While there is no direct English translation of the term" vikatan", the word is part of the title of a magazine, Anada Vikatan. It is a Tamil language weekly magazine in India.

Where can you get the statistics of magazine circulation of India?

Brief circulation figures can be found at National Readership Survey site. However this is not exhaustive. I myself am looking for circulation figures for vernacular magazines (Bengali). Have not found them yet....... Sunando Majumdar.

When was India Weekly created?

India Weekly was created in 1993.

How much currency is in circulation in India?

Currently there is 140.3 billion dollars of currency in circulation. India has the 5th largest amount of currency in circulation. China ranks 4th with 492.3 billion dollars of currency in circulation.

When was JCK India magazine created?

JCK India magazine was created in 2006.

Most circulated political weekly in India?

India Today

First international business news magazine to publish an India edition?

The first international business magazine to publish an India edition is forbes magazine.

What types of articles are in Grazia magazine?

Grazia Magazine is an Italian publication that is about women's fashion and is published weekly. with Also printed in France, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Japan, the Netherlands, India, Bulgaria and Germany.