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They weigh the same they are both 100 pounds....


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An ounce of Gold Weighs more. An ounce of gold weighs 2.7539537 grams more, than an ounce of feathers. Gold is weighed in Troy ounces and feathers are weighed in standard ounces. There are 31.1034768 grams in 1 Troy ounce and there are 28.3495231 grams in 1 standard ounce.

I learned this in Math Gold is measured diffrently it has its own scale the feathers would weigh more! :) - CodyDaTexan

The item doesn't matter when you are figuring out which weighs more. They are both 50 pounds, so they are equal in weight.

Feathers. The feathers would weigh 3 and 1/8th pounds while the apples only weigh 3 pounds.

1000 pounds of feathers, because 1000 pounds is clearly greater than 100

They are the same weight, but different volume.

the question states which weights more 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feathers?The answer to the question is 125 pounds of cement weights more .

Neither of the two weigh more...both weigh 1-pound. Granted you'd have way more feathers than gold, a pound of gold and a pound of feathers would weigh the same.

Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, 50 ounces is three and an eighth pounds, which is more than 3 pounds. So the feathers weigh more.

Ten pounds of anything is exactly the same weight as ten pounds of anything else.

troy ounce is precious metals 12 to a pound apothecary ounce is for drugs avoirdupois ounce is for most anything else 16 to a pound answers: which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of gold? a pound of feathers which weighs more an ounce of feathers or an ounce of gold? an ounce of gold

They weigh the same, a ton is equivelant to 1000 Kilograms, if it helps you will need a lot more of feathers than Gold to make a ton

the Feathers, just ignore what they are and look at the weights which is heaviest? The 60 Kilos

There will be more feathers but the weight will be the same :10 pounds of feathers 10 pounds of gold 10 pounds of each <><><> In MOST cases, would agree with the above, but GOLD is different. Gold, Platinum, and all precious metals are measured in TROY ounces and TROY pounds, where feathers are measured in ordinary (avoirdupois) pounds. A TROY pound has 12 ounces instead of 16, and is not as heavy as a standard pound. This is the rare case of a pound NOT being a pound.

They are both the same. They both weigh 100lb. However, 100lb of feathers weighs more than 100lb of gold, as feathers are measured on the Avoirdupois scale which has 16 ounces to the pound, and Gold, being a precious metal, is weighed on the Troy scale where there are only 12 ounces to the pound.

Trick question? The 60 kilograms (a little more than 132 pounds) of feathers weigh more!

It depends on what sort of feathers e.g peacock or pigeon. And it depends on the size of the brick but I would say the gold brick would be heavier. Hope this helps! :)

They both weigh 1 kg. Mass is also the same. Volume would be much larger for the kg of feathers.

"Depends on how much gold and how many feathers you have. " I believe the riddle is usually "which weighs more - a pound of gold or a pound of feather?" The answer is that they weigh the same amount - they are both a pound. However, one cannot answer your question without further details since we clearly do not know how much of each object we have and how heavy it is.

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