What weighs more gold or silver?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3 while the density of silver is 10.5 g/cm^3. Therefore gold is more dense than silver, so gold weighs more than an equal volume of silver.

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Q: What weighs more gold or silver?
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What weighs more a pound of gold or a kilogram of silver?

A kilogram of silver weighs more.

What weighs more 1 pound of silver or 1 pound of gold?

A pound of gold weighs the same as a pound of silver, because they are both one pound. But a block of gold would weigh more than the same-sized block of silver (gold is more dense than silver, so a smaller volume weighs the same).

Which weighs more gold or silver?

It depends on whether you have a huge pile of gold and a tine bit of silver, or a huge pile of silver and a tiny bit of gold. Gold has a higher density, so if you have the same volumes, then the gold will have the greater mass.

Is silver heavier than gold?

Based on the periodic table, gold is heavier than silver.

Which weighs more copper or silver?

Copper has a higher density then silver. So a cubic inch of copper weighs more then a cubic inch of silver.

Is it true that so much silver has been consumed that there is more gold than silver?

Absolutely not! Silver is MUCH more plentiful than gold. If There were more gold than silver, silver would COST more than GOLD!

Is silver is more ductile or gold?

silver is more ductile than gold

Why are some of the coins gold and some silver?

gold is worth more than silver, so the more gold the more its worth.

Does silver cost more than gold?

No, gold is more expensive than silver as it is more rare

Do gold and silver have reactivity?

Gold and silver are noble metals; gold is not so reactive, silver is more reactive.

How much does the silver medal weight?

The 2014 Olympic silver medal is slightly heavier compared to the gold medal. It has 525 grams of silver with a 960 hallmark.

How much does a guy weigh if he uses 69.75 g of protein based on the .45 factor?

What weighs more: a ton of gold or 2000 pounds of silver