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Q: What weight in grams of NaCl would be contained in problem?
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A 1.22g sample of an unknown has a volume of 1.73cm3. What is the density?

They use a number called a mole. This many atoms of an element equals its atomic weight in the periodic table. Molecular weight is the sum of atomic weight. Silver has an atomic weight of 108 grams/mole and Chlorine is 35.4 grams/mole. This makes AgCl 108 + 35.4 = 143.4 grams/mole. The % Chlorine is the atomic weight of Chlorine divided by the molecular weight of AgCl. 1 mole of AgCl would contain 35.4 grams / 143.4 grams = 25% Chlorine by weight. 1.22 grams AgCl would contain (0.25)*(1.22) = 0.30 grams of Cl. To find the Chlorine in the unknown, divide the weight of Chlorine from the experiment by the initial weight of the unknown. 0.30 grams / 0.63 grams = 0.48 = 48% Cl by weight.

How many grams of silicon would there be in a sample that contained 9.99 x 1025 atoms?

The mass of silicon is 4 659 g.

The formula for methane is CH4 Four moles of methanes would have a mass of?

Four times the atomic weight of carbon plus sixteen times the atomic weight of hydrogen = about 64 grams.

How many grams in 2 moles of HCI?

A Mole is the molecular weight expressed in grams. So for example water H2O: the molecular weight of oxygen is 16 and hydrogen is 1 so the total molecular weight of water is 18 (16 for one atom of oxygen plus 2x1 for the two atoms of hydrogen). For HCl, the atomic weight of Cl is 35 and H is 1 so the total molecular weight is 36. So 1 Mole of HCl is 36 grams. If you have 2 moles, it would be 72 grams.

How much does an ounce of pot weigh in grams?

Pots very in weight due to size, composition, and style. One ounce is equal to about 28.35 grams, which would indeed be a very small pot.