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1. Whooping Cough. Treated with Sarsaparilla roots by the Penobcot indians. Roots were boiled and tea was sipped. 2. Mecury Chloride aka "Calomel". Was used to "clean" patient from toxins or poisoning by causing bloody stool, vomiting, excessive salivation. 3.Peruvian Bark aka "Chincona" Boiled as a tea to treat fevers. 4. Onions. Boiled;steamed near patient or placed by patients bed to treat colds. 5. Blood-letting Used to get rid of "bad" blood containing yellow fever or various "other" contaminates.

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Q: What were 5 diseases medicines and treatments in the new world during the 1700s?
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What were the 5 diseases medicines and treatments used in the 1700s and the mortality rate for early settlers?

The 5 diseases,medicines,and treatments used in the 1700's and the mortality rate for early settlers is 0.

What were ten diseases medicines and treatments in the new world during the 1700s?

Ten diseases were part of a series of plagues. Those diseases were the yellow fever, black death - bubonic plague, malaria, scarlet fever, typhus ( typhoid ), influenza, small pox, tuberculosis, and measles.

5 medicines and cures during the 1700s?

One medicine that was developed in the 1700s was a vaccine for a smallpox. Some other medicine or cure that came about in the 1700s were that fruit would prevent scurvy, a treatment for dropsy's was found, and anesthetic is discovered. A surgery for appendectomy was performed during the 1700s.

Why was it difficult for the authorities to deal with infectious diseases in the 18-19th century?

Most of the medicines we have today weren't invented in the 1700s and 1800s. Generally speaking, the only way to stop the spread of infectious diseases was by quarantining the infected individuals.

What were the treatments for typhoid in the 1700s?

Don't get it in the first place

What diseases were in new France in 1700s?

some of the diseases were, scurvy, small pox, tuberculosis :)

What was in medicine in the 1700's?

Alcohol was a common ingredient in medicines in the 1700s (as it still is today).

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The Anglican Church was the official church of England during the 1700s.

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Pope Clement XI was the Pope sometime during the 1700s.

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Just like nowadays, they thought they would work.

What was currency in Britain during the 1700s?

What was currency in Britain during the 1700s?

What were the main diseass in the 1700s?

The main diseases in the 1700s were Smallpox, Typhus, Typhoid, Dysentery, Scarlet Fever, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Diphtheria, and Malaria.

Common diseases in 1700s?

Smallpox, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Malaria, and Cholera

What were diseases in the New World during the 1700s?

Some of the sicknesses in the 16 century (1700-1799) were: Influenza, Whooping Cough, Typhiod, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, Black Plague, and Smallpox.

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